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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Is Over....Finally

You know I don't enjoy the holidays like I used to when I was a kid. And I get why my father was so aprehensive about Christmas, calling it a manufactured holiday, which it is. Leading up to the holiday, all you heard and saw was news reports about manufacturers being worried that consumers won't spend enough for the holiday season. Even on Christmas Eve, they were trying to guilt folks into last minute shopping to spend more money or go even to more debt for Christmas.

I got a question..

What about the reason for the season? Aren't we supposed to be honoring the real reason for all mankind? I thought. And sometimes I feel we as people don't take the time to realize that. Yeah, I get it's the sharing and being with family and all and who am I rob children of a holiday, I once looked forward too, besides National JC Month.

And we have the political correctness of Christmas. In order to not insult or step on someone elses beliefs, we have taken the "Christ" out of "Mas" and just placed an "X" on it.

So this year, I made it a point to not say, Happy Holidays, but Merry Christmas. To hell with you if you're offended. I'm offended that you are denying me my right to say Christmas.

Anyway this is my thoughts for Christmas.

Merry Christmas Ya'll...

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