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Thursday, December 13, 2007

RF23 - Mitchell Report Out...Do We Care?

Mitchell Report Out...Do We Care?

Well the one report we all have been waiting for, well not us all, cause the sarge does not care. Quite frankly, I believe every single athlete in between the lines are on something. So it's on you all to discuss and debate, all I want is equal blasting that a certain ball player has gotten if it's another big name player. As a matter of fact it should be more because some of these guys have made opinions about a certain ball player, casting judgment that rhymes with the junk that spews from [Jim] Rome's mouth, the dudes on ESPN TV and the two opportunistic journalists that wrote a book, without proof that a certain ball player used roids or HGH. So I guess we should put on our gov't ordered seat belts, helmets, put out our cigarettes and enjoy a gov't mandated ride of 65 mph on Mitchell's Report.

NFL: I don't know why the honks on ESPN and the NFL Channel are so upset about Bobby Petrino quitting on his team and taking a gig at Arkansas. Sean Salisbury called him a coward. Jamie Dukes called him a coward and a quitter and the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Blank all but called him a liar, cheater and backstabber. Now I get that Petrino handled this situation wrong, by jotting down his good bye letter on toilet tissue. And he may have led the owner into thinking that he was going to be his guy until Blank folded to local media cries and fired Petrino. But quitting? His team quit on Petrino on I dunno, the first day of training camp without Michael Vick. Quite frankly, Petrino should have manned up and told Blank, "Hey, you sold me some bad goods, I signed a contract with your team, with the thinking that I was going to have Michael Vick, not Joey Harrington and Byron "broken fingernail" Leftwich! what kind of bullbleep is this, I'm out!" Oh! and way to blame Dallas Cowboys Owner, Jerry Jones for Petrino leaving. Jones, an Arkansas alum, was said to have contacted Blank and told that his coach was not available. Question, did he [Blank] adamantly say hell no, leave him alone? or did he, him and haw and I dunno, maybe I dunno, he might be available, talk to him! [Petrino]. And now he's pissed cause Jerry did? Look the bottom line, is that Petrino came in on a bad situation and was doomed from the get go. Was it clinton-league the way he handled the situation? yeah. Could he have handled it differently? yeah. Do you blame him from running like the Japanese when Godzilla entered the City? hell no.

Closing: Look, I would like to believe that things have changed and a man regardless of his color can get equal time and opportunity based off his character and experience. Having said that and a proponent for stopping race-based hiring aka affirmative action, the NCAA has shown that there's a long way to go. Out of the what, seven head coaching jobs that became available and were filled, there's no way you can say that minority candidates were interviewed with the exception of Karl Dorrell and if you ask a few of his team-mates, the total would go back to none, but as I digress! The NCAA needs to do a better job at getting minority coaches the opportunity to interview and express their ideas for the schools team. If not, it's no different than the BCS...The good 'ol boy network.


Now that the report is out, who is really taken back? Well, although I wrote I didn't care and still don't, I only wanted equal reporting and outright hatred that Bonds received. So! based off the report, all players past and present are a bunch of cheaters! But there's one person, okay maybe two or three that is of interest to me and I've been saying that this guy was on roids. Eric Gagne!! When I used to listen to the Jim Rome Show, he was glossed as a "Piece of Crap, " based off his poor performances as a starting pitcher. Dodger fans should remember that dude could not get out of the first inning. I don't know what was lit up more often, a cigarette or Gagne! I say a straight up tie! He was sorry! and based off his performances, should have been sent skyrocketing to the minors or out of the league! He then comes back in relief mode and he's mowing down people with ease! Dodger fans ate it up, he broke and established records and now he's a roids user....Chalk that up for I told ya so!


I checked out Joseph C. Phillips group member and blogger, Darkstar and on his site, he writes that people who were crying racism, that would be me, are going to have to meat to chew on, if the same ventriole is not spread out on Rogers Clemons. Already, on the Jim Rome Show, there were a bunch of if's and but's and maybe's in regard to Clemons name coming out. Hey clones, let me help you out, if Bonds is a cheat, then Clemons is a cheat, theres no if's, and's or but's.

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