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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What'Chu Celebratin' For?

Last week when the NIE intelligence report came out saying that Iran ceased it's nuclear program in 2003. Liberals from all walks of life and those who cherry pick the news they way they see it went into a frenzy.

"He [Bush] lied! I told you, he wanted to fight Iran next!" said one fellow blogger.

"War-monger, look up the definition, it has Bush's face on it," said another.

Oh, liberals, what I would I do without them. Hell, celebrate!

Okay, class is in session, please bring your history books and be prepared to hit the library to Lexis Nexis of what happened in 2003. I mentioned that liberals were celebratin' and chest bumping, oh wait! let me digress for a minute.

I am totally convinced that liberals are ruining this country and it's being run by a bunch of people who were picked last or always "It" in the game of tag. It's gotta be. It's revenge of the nerds 8.0! Last week I attended my jobs annual "sexual harrassment" training class and of course they showed a brutal video of what they perceived was sexual harrassment. Let me tell you, it's getting to the point that soon, we won't be able to talk to each other, without fear that the liberal big brother will send storm troopers out and take you in the dead of the night. Can you imagine that, check this:

John and Karen work together...

John: Good morning Karen, how are you?

Karen: I'm fine, John, how was your weekend?

John: Oh it was fine, I went out on a date on Friday and had another one on Saturday..

Karen: Wow, back to back dates, you must've hit it off...

John: Oh I hit it...

Karen: what?

John: Never mind, yeah we hit it off, what about you, I over-heard you telling Phylis that you had a date also, how'd did that go? If you don't mind me asking..

Karen: Oh, I don't mind, unlike yours, there was no back to back dates. He was all over me..

John looking Karen up and down...

John: Well can you blame him, you're a knockout!

Karen: Thank you! but he didn't want to get to know me. He just wanted to get into me...

John: That dirty dog!

Karen: Stop it! you're crazy..

John: Well damn Karen, you're an attractive lady, if I was your date, I would take a chance to...hell, shit, god damn!!...I see you later..

Now John is unaware that Karen was upset over the conversation and told one of her friends and her friend told the HR person and the HR person summoned up the Sexual Harrassment Storm Troopers to bring John in for night...

John: zzzzzzzzz

Loud banging on the door

Storm Troopers: John! open the door! it's the storm troopers! and we have an accusation!

John: zzzz, wha?! the eff!

Opens Door:

ST: John?

John: Whats this about?

ST: Your comment today..

John: huh?

ST: Come with us, peacefully.

Next day as folks are coming in, they see John in his pj's with a sign that says, "sexual harrasser" in the front and "dirty dog" in the back. Standing next to John is another co-worker wearing a sign that says, "right winger" and "rightfully terminated as per liberal rule 1.1" in the back.

Now back to my previous thought, It's amazing how I can do that, but anyway, liberals were in this big coochie tizzy that they had the president where they wanted him, but thank goodness for people like me or others that come with a bb gun and shoot the air out of their liberal air balloon, with a simple question. "What was happening in 2003 that made Iran stop?"

and after a few huhs and whats, the usually dumbfounded look liberals have shows up.

"Well, if your gonna mention thats the year we invaded Iraq, so what?"

So what? thats exactly why they stopped! if you saw one country that you fought for over 10 years go down, not once, but twice! in quick fashion! What exactly are you going to do?! Let me put it in simple terms some of us can relate too:

If you see your brother or sister get their ass whooped for bringing in a bad report card...what are you going to do to avoid that same ass whoopin'? damn skippy, you'll be a straight a, b or c mofo!

So Iran and Libya saw that U.S., went into Iraq, beat them down, snatched up Saddam and had him swingin' within two years. I would give up my nuclear aspirations too!

So the NIE report comes out and by the way, liberals were cussin' and spittin' at it less than two years ago, cause they disagreed with previous reports. So after 4 to 6 years of hatin' that damn report, they love it now...Not so quick.

NIE report basically told the president that the war on terrorism and countries that harbor terrorists have been served notice and they understood it from the first capitial letter to the last period.

Now it's up to liberals and their politicians to understand that we need to continue "winning" this war on terrorism or we will be dealing with nuclear warming instead of global warming.

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