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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hey Schilling...Here's A Suggestion...

Shut the hell up! Who are you to give your unsolicited opinion about what Roger Clemons should do? Who asked you?! But since you decided too, and this being you're second time placing your big ass! nose in someone's business, lets examine you.

As a fan of the sport, not a huge one, because if I had to pick between baseball and football, and this includes Pop Warner, I would watch football in a heartbeat and turn to baseball during commercial breaks and halftime. It's nothing personal, but the game is too damn long and don't make me comment on the season. But I realize that there are millions of baseball fans who love this game for whatever reason and I can't bash that. But I can you, Kurt.

You said that Clemons should give up his Cy Young awards if he can't prove himself to be not guilty of using HGH or steroids. Why? Did you come in second place to him? Roger, like Barry don't have to give up jack, cause you said so. In that case, using your logic, David Ortiz is not sure if he used steroids and won't say if he used HGH. I've decided to help Ortiz and Man-Ram out, they're users and by the way, Curt, so are you. So back to your logic, if Clemons and Bonds should give up their awards and records, lets just strip the teams of their World Series wins if it has players who has admitted to and alleged to have used steroids or HGH. No trial or hearing and not even a board hearing to get the truth out. The truth according to you, Curt is a book and a report. But you have company, the sports media and sports talk quackers agree with you that the truth is in the book and the report. So how about that? I mean if Marion Jones and her team-mates had to give up their medals cause of Jones' admitted use of steroids...Then why not strip titles. I think that's fair. That way everyone pays, if the players union, the team and organizations have taken the "no snitching" approach, everybody feels the price of not doing something to protect a game that is filled with so much hypocrisy. How about that Curt? So while you're busy casting expursions on other ball players, talk the Red Sox and the Diamondbacks about giving up those World Series Titles. And take a stand! Be the first to take a test to see how clean you are.

C'mon Curt!

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