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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Where's My Worlds Smallest Violen?

On Friday, I got in the mail a letter from Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-California) in regard to my e-mail I sent her office regarding the "Dream Act," and why I feel the senator should vote no on this back door attempt of amnesty for illegal aliens. The Dream Act essentially gives citizenship to children who were born in Mexico and were brought across the border, illegally with their illegal alien parents for whatever reason! Anyway these kids carry the illegal status and not allowed some programs that would be available to them if they were legal. The Dream Act would have given these kids who were in school from 1986 and up citizenship. I disagreed because these same kids, would in turn bring in those same relatives and maybe more future tax users and identity theft takers to this country.

Anyway as predicted, Feinstein respectively disagreed with my e-mail and broke out this sob story about this alleged illegal alien, who utilized tax payer funds for free education, lunch and so on and this supposed "A" student, but due to her illegal status she was not eligible for more tax payer programs and probably a job, due to her illegal status. I think the letter was lined with tears, so I could feel this illegal alien's pain.

Nevertheless, after laughing my ass off! and searching frantically for my very, very, small. Violen. I played it and hoped to hell that we get a good candidate to challenge those two idiots who are supposed to represent the American people and the people of the State of California. At this point, I'll take anyone who is anti-illegal alien and against the death penalty...

Hey gotta compromise.

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