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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Funny Thing....

Over the holiday period, one of baseball's highlight heros got into trouble, big, big, trouble. Impact on the sports media, not a blip. So let me help out...


Here it is...

Subject A, was driving while intoxicated killing one woman in St. Louis. subject A was leaving a party in which alcohol was served.

Subject A, was a first round pick of this St. Louis team and played in a Southern University.

Now Subject A didn't help himself out by getting a DUI two years later, but the media ate this story up.

Subject A is Leonard Little

now this...

Subject B, was driving intoxicated and killed a woman in Florida, also Subject B, was driving on an illegal driver's license since he had his driver's license revoked in another state. Subject B, was the hero for the Bombers by hitting a clutch home run.

Subject B is Jim Leyritz


Little. Black.

Leyritz. White.

Now I'm no conspiracy theorist, well, yeah I am, but I'm no race hustle-lateer! but this smell of media double standard. What black athlete in trouble sells rating and newspapers and white athlete is like good republican news. It doesn't sell!

Look, I'm not discounting any of the tragedies, but there has to be more media scrutiny for Leyritz. Just a couple of weeks ago, he was commenting on the Mitchell Report and now, theres no comment as to why he chose to get in his car, start the ignition and drive impaired..No huge outcry from MADD or anything...

Funny, something tells me if it was Dave Winfield, it would be the first story on ESPN and FOX....

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