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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In Trouble? Get Jesus or go back to the hood...

In Trouble? Get Jesus or Go back to the hood...

Once again an athlete in trouble has once again b-lined it back to either God or the hood. Disgraced Olympian Sprinter and convicted Marion Jones appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about her conviction and her admission that she lied about not using steroids or HGH.

When pressed by Oprah, Jones went to the God card and now looking for special victim status, because she messed up by cheating and eventually get involved in some check cashing scam. Jones again alluded to thinking that she wanted and was hoping for a probation instead of jail time.

Well hot damn Marion, here's a quick note that you and Michael Vick learned the hard way. IT AIN'T ABOUT YOU!! It's about what the guy in the robe says and determines. You committed fraud and lied about it, and when you had a chance to face up to it and take the consequences. You chose not too! and kept eating your cake and ice cream like you did nothing wrong. Now look at you...In March you gotta go to the hole and take up our tax money to house you in prison, when all of this could have avoided...damn you.

Look throughout athletics and entertainment, people who get in trouble run to God or in Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson's case ran back to the hood to get some type of vindication or support. I have no problem with going to God, shoot! that's what you're supposed to do, when in need of some spiritual uplifting and a miracle. We all do, including me! and lord knows in a couple of weeks, I'm going to need him, big time!

But running back to the hood, when you disassociated yourself from the hood, is wrong. But apparently the hood is god-like, because it forgives and accepts the prodigal one with open arms and protection.

Memo to entertainers and athletes, leave the hood alone and just run to God. The hood needs more things and an additional knuckle-head ain't one of them.

Jones on Winfrey's Show:

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