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Monday, January 14, 2008

What The Hell Did We Recall For!!?

I mean really, what the hell did we recall Gray "Gumby" Davis for? When Davis was recalled, it was because he tripled car taxes and was about to give illegal aliens drivers licenses...Let alone that our budget was jacked up.

So we recall him for Arnold "Gumby II" Schwartzenegger and the same shit that we had with Davis is still here...This time Arnold is talkiing about closing some state parks and beaches, which he claims will zero out the $14 billion dollar deficit the state is in. Really? are you sure thats all you wanna cut? because I recall reading and hearing you talk about spending on Al Gore's greatest scam, Global Warming and talking about giving everyone health insurance, off the few remaining tax payers we have in this state's dime.

What kind of liberal socialist bullbleep is that? Universal healthcare under the quise that it's for the kids...Well, that may be it, but in that are a few million illegals under that umbrella. How about cutting social welfare? How about sending a few of Mexico's illegal back to Mexico after they are caught from doing crimes, instead of the usual put on probation or parole and let them stay. Every illegal, who is caught breaking the law, and I don't care if it's simple traffic stop, should be detained, processed and sent back. They broke the law, when they came here illegally. How about giving cigarette smokers a little break by taxing fast food places, I'm overweight, it's from fast food joints, I think I should pay taxes for that. How about taxing money or wire services to foreign countries. Hell, countries like Mexico are making a killing off their illegals here, by them sending money to relative back in Mess - E - Co. I figure tens of millions of dollars should be made. How about tax cuts for business, this in turn will create jobs. And in turn creat more tax payers, legal American tax payers.

But no Gumby II wants to close parks like Mt. San Jacinto and beaches like Bolsa Chica state beach. Great...wheres his recall?

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