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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Our Neville Chamberlain

Our Neville Chamberlain
J. Lewis/RF23

When England's Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain returned from meeting Adolf Hitler, he proclaimed to the British people that he brought back peace of all time. Little did the British know that the peace Chamberlain proclaimed from Germany was pieces of shrapnel from German bombers within their cities. It was for those pieces that caused Chamberlain to be the one British disgrace in its history. Now lets jump in the Atlantic Ocean and swim a little South-westerly and hit our great country. We have our own Neville Chamberlain, who by the way took advantage of the public's distrust of one party and shamed from Governor George Wallace, in Jimmy Carter. Carter was elected over Gerald Ford because of Ford's relunctance to have Richard Nixon brought up on charges in regard to the Watergate Scandal. So America put in a peanut farmer from Georgia and have been getting peanutted by this farmer ever since.

Like Chamberlain, Carter thought he brought the world peace of all time, between the Israelis and Arabian Countries. And like England, the rest of world has been enjoying Carter's proclamation of peace with the Arab Nations through hijacking of planes and ships, The nabbing of American and British Citizens which led to days, years and sometimes death in captivity, terrorist attacks on civilians all across the world and who can forget the declaration of war by attacking the USS Cole and two attacks on the WTC, with 9/11 being a success. This is the peace of our time, yet no-one has benefited from Carter's peace more than Israel. Israel has enjoyed the benefit of terrorist attacks, riots and propelled rockets in her land every since Carter's peace proclamation. I'm sure the Israelis give thanks to Carter everytime their peaceful neighbors trespass against them.

(Oh to President Carter, we thank you for your peace accord between the Israelis and the Arab Nations, we really enjoyed seeing the fruits of your efforts via the demolition the WTC. I assume Al Qaeda had a good no bid contract)

Now this guy who the country thought we rid ourselves of, is back. We thought that once Reagan swept him and his peanut shells out of the White House and Nancy ordered all "moon shine" drunk by his brother Billy off the premises, that this guy would have just disappeared. I guess it's our fault, we let him have a hammer to make noises, but we thought he was just building houses!

(Someone please find that said hammer and give it back to him)

No-one in their right mind would have thought that this guy would break out his crayon and jot down what he really thinks. Unfortunately, his "real" personality, and not the media fed one, comes out and we find out that this guy hasn't changed...He's still the worse president of all time and what he thinks should be like that perverbial tree in the deep forest...if it falls, who really heard it? and who gives a damn?

Apparently ABC heard it:

Note: I tried to post the link to this story, but the link failed so I am posting the story in its entirety.

Source: Front Page. Com

Jimmy Carter's Jewish Problem
By Jason Maoz
November 30, 2006

For those with eyes to see, there were hints as far back as the 1976 presidential campaign of the trouble to come. Early that year, Harper’s magazine published “Jimmy Carter’s Pathetic Lies,” a devastating exposé of Carter’s record in Georgia by a then little-known journalist named Steven Brill.

Reg Murphy, who as editor of the Atlanta Constitution had kept a close eye on Carter’s rise in state politics, declared, “Jimmy Carter is one of the three or four phoniest men I ever met.”

Speechwriter Bob Shrum quit the Carter campaign after just a few weeks, disgusted with what he described as Carter’s penchant for fudging the truth. He also related that Carter, convinced the Jewish vote in the Democratic primaries would go to Senator Henry (“Scoop”) Jackson, had instructed his staff not to issue any more statements on the Middle East.

“Jackson has all the Jews anyway,” Shrum quoted Carter as saying. “We get the Christians.”

Relations between Carter and Israel were tense from the outset of the Carter presidency. Carter’s hostility was evident to Israeli foreign minister Moshe Dayan, who in his memoir Breakthrough described a July 1977 White House meeting between Carter and Israeli officials. “You are more stubborn than the Arabs, and you put obstacles on the path to peace,’’ an angry Carter scolded Dayan and his colleagues.

“Our talk,” Dayan wrote, “lasted more than an hour and was most unpleasant. President Carter...launched charge after charge against Israel.”

On October 1, 1977, the U.S. and the Soviet Union unexpectedly issued a joint statement on the Middle East calling for an Arab-Israeli peace conference in Geneva, with the participation of Palestinian representatives. The communiqué marked the first time the U.S. officially employed the phrase “legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.”

Reaction in the U.S. was immediate and furious. “[A] political firestorm erupted,” wrote historian Steven Spiegel. “After American officials had worked successfully for years to reduce Russian influence over the Mideast peace process and in the area as whole, critics could not understand why the administration had suddenly invited Moscow to return.”

Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, who five years earlier had expelled thousands of Soviet military advisers from Egypt, neither liked nor trusted the Russians, and decided to kill the U.S.-Soviet initiative in the womb. His decision to go to Jerusalem to address the Knesset electrified the world and caught the Carter administration completely off guard.

Eventually the U.S. would broker what became known as the Camp David Accords and oversee the signing of the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty. But Carter was far from a dispassionate third party. His disdain for Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin and near hero-worship of Sadat were clearly reflected in his demeanor and has informed nearly everything he’s written on the Middle East since leaving office.

In The Unfinished Presidency, his book about Carter’s post-White House activities, the liberal historian Douglas Brinkley provides a detailed account of the former president’s obsession with helping Palestinian terror chief Yasir Arafat polish his image. Carter, according to Brinkley, regularly advised Arafat on how to shape his message for Western journalists and even wrote some speeches for him.

Carter was also a vocal critic of Israeli policies and “view[ed] the unarmed young Palestinians who stood up against thousands of Israel soldiers as ‘instant heroes,’” wrote Brinkley. “Buoyed by the intifada, Carter passed on to the Palestinians, through Arafat, his congratulations.”

Former New York mayor Ed Koch, in his 1984 bestseller Mayor, recounted a conversation he had shortly before the 1980 election with Cyrus Vance, who’d recently resigned as Carter’s secretary of state. Koch told Vance that many Jews would not be voting for Carter because they feared “that if he is reelected he will sell them out.”

“Vance,” recalled Koch, “nodded and said, ‘He will.’ ”

In Dangerous Liaison: The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship, Andrew and Leslie Cockburn revealed that during a March 1980 meeting with his senior political advisers, Carter, discussing his fading reelection prospects and his sinking approval rating in the Jewish community, snapped, “If I get back in, I’m going to [expletive] the Jews.”

Carter – such was the country’s good fortune – did not get back in. But as evidenced by his years of pro-Palestinian advocacy, reams of anti-Israel op-ed articles, and the release last week of his latest book/screed, Palestine Peace Not Apartheid, he’s been trying to [expletive] the Jews ever since.

Monday, November 27, 2006

When Politcal Correctness Goes Wrong, Pt II

When Political Correctness Goes Wrong, Pt II

Okay it has happened again, Former Dallas Cowboys WR and ESPN NFL Analyst Michael Irvin got off a blast of all blast in regards to racial insensitivity. Apparently Irvin while on the Dan Patrick ESPN radio show, said something to the effect that the season saving sensation Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo's great, great, great grandmother may have visited the barns and hooked up with some of the bucks in the quarters...Now if you're Romo, you should be offended because Irvin basically said that the only reason why he [Romo] and other white athletes seem to "get off" is because they got black blood in them....And Irvin is not the only one, I have heard a lot of blacks say that Larry Bird is a brotha, cause there is no way a white boy could light up the scoreboard the way Bird did.

Based on the statement and the article, it did say that Irvin was trying to be funny, but it doesn't make it right. Or in this case, fair. If the comments were made by a white guy, you can be assured that he would be out on his ear.

What did it take for Limbaugh? All he said was that he didn't think McNabb was a good quarterback but the league wants or needs McNabb to succeed because he is black....gone.

Fast forward two years later, a NAACP President in Philly says the same thing and three times as worst.....pass.

This is political correctness going wrong.....well if your the white guy...

Irvin Story:

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Issue: The Economy in regard to: Wages

But Wait A Minute! I Thought.
J. Lewis:

"Man, I'm at work trying to make a dollar and fifteen cent." I believe there was a song, that went something to the affect, of getting another day older and deeper in debt, but the effect is still the same. It says that no matter how much you work, you ain't earnin' crap to get by and this is what we were told since, since the second day George W. Bush took office. The economy is bad, tax cuts only helps Haliburton and his oil rich buddies, and George Bush doesn't care about the soooooo poor and sooooo black people...

Democrats take over both houses in Washington and the first thing that they want to...Well, third or fourth thing they want to do is raise the minimium wage, when studies show that it will have a negative effect on the public, consumers and the business, whether it be a small business or not. So now we're being fed two things, wages ain't crap and the crappy wages need to raised one or two dollars more, because the Bush economy is only geared for Haliburton, Cheney and his oil rich buddies.

But wait! And I'm putting my own interpretation on this, but if this country was going to hell with gas soaked undies on, by definition of the leftist democrats. Then why is the media glad to report that the wages are up and equal to 1997? I thought everything was bad!!

A brisk rise in American wages

Pay rose faster than the cost of living for the first time in years.
By Mark Trumbull Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

American paychecks are rising again at a pace not seen since the 1990s.
The pay increase amounts to 4 percent on average over the past 12 months, and it comes at a very helpful time for millions of households.

For three years, pay increases haven't kept pace with the rising cost of living. Then came this year's housing slowdown, which has further squeezed family finances. Those setbacks, however, are now being offset by rising income. Four percent may not sound like much, but you have to look back to 1997 to find a calendar year with a gain that big.

Monday, November 20, 2006

No More Jokes.....

Los Angeles, CA - No more jokes, Tennie effed it up for everybody...So if you're a firefighter, policemen or a paramedic and you are stressed from seeing someone's head blown off, or looking at a dead infant. You will have to find a new way to help each other get over the every-day stress of the job. No more can you fill someone's shoes with shaving cream or put hot peppers in someone's food, nah uh! you can't do it if you work in the City of Los Angeles. Today Mayor Villeraigosa signed an executive order making it a "zero tolerance" zone for workplace hazing. Which means if you plan on pranking one of your workmates...don't even think about or face suspension or possibly being terminated.

This is what happens with political correctness goes wrong. You had a fireman, of 22 years who was known for his pranks, sue the city after he was pranked himself. And the city basically surrendering faster then the French at the sound of a pop gun, voted and settled to give Pierce $2.7 Million.

In a way it kinda back fired on Pierce, because when the L.A. Times published the story and I did a web search on the story to find that it went national, it seems that there was public outrage and pictures of the "Big Dog" himself in rare prankster form, 54 pics of the Dog performing some pranks, that I'm surprised the recipient didn't sue the city. Nevertheless, the mayor vetoed the council recommendation to settle and sent it back for the council to reconsider, which means, that city may get the last laugh. And oh, this incident won't be forgotten, cause I imagine, the mayor will have to answer to black voters who chose to veto this award to an African American man, who sued the city for racial discrimination. The last time a mayor went against the black voters in Los Angeles...he lost and was sent packing after one term. Gotta a funny feeling that Villaraigosa might have to think about a new career after his first term is up...

But the days of poking fun and practical jokes are over , and the days of the blowing off smoke, getting to know each other is also over. And they can blame Tennie Pierce for this, I'm sure they won't forget him and he won't forget all his twenty something years of fun and games he had as the "Big Dog" before he turned into .....

the "Big Puss."

Wilmington Race Riots of 1898

I came across this story in a Wilmington, NC newspaper about the race riots that occured in 1898. After doing some reading, I came across a small passage that said the "white conservative movement" was instrumental in or responsible for the attacks....And it named Col. Alfred M. Moore as one of the individuals responsible for the taking over and killing of 22 men.

Although story brings up an ugly period of our American History after the Civil War. I got the feeling that the word, "white conservative" was put in there to jab black readers in believing that the riots that forever changed a whole city and the lives effected by it, were done by republicans. When in fact it was a democratic takeover...literally.


Wikipedia description and biography:

Alfred Moore Wendell:

Wilmington Race Riot of 1898:

www.en.wikipedia/wiki/wilmington_insurrection_of 1898

Friday, November 17, 2006

Don't Raise 'Em!!

Don't Raise 'Em
J. Lewis -

I visit other sites and engage in written debates with very smart people who have their own independent ideas or support of a certain cause or policy. So when I debate these people, whether I'm being serious or my usual condescending self. Ihave to be on my p's and q's or I will definitely be used as toilet paper. And so is the case of another written debate on in regard to raising the minimium wage. To put in all in a nutshell, I'm against it...I know, I know, whoa! RF23 what else is new in the land of yeahsa massa republican plantation? No s#@ Sherlock, you agree with the republicans on the issue of raising the minimium wage. And I would probably get the you always sidin' with them white folk when it comes to keeping black people down.

Other word, Uncle Tom, Sell Out, Step n Fetch or anyother derogatory name that will be placed squarely on my big azz forehead. No problem, it's starting to have the same effect on me, like black folk who use the n-word. It's a term of endearment, unless you've somehow become so sensitive and turn into Armstrong Williams. Have anyone seen his act lately? Brother man gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar and all of sudden picked up a stick, wrapped his belongings in a rag, tied said wrapped belongings to the stick and headed back to the other plantation. I assume they will now cut off his foot, so he can't runs away no mo'. But back to raising the minimium wage, my generic opposition to it, is, it hurts teens seeking to get some type of job discipline and their litttle toe wet in the job arena. If you raise the wage, who do yo think will take those jobs? illegal alie err!! adults.

And some people are going to get upset with me on this one, but unfortunately, it will hurt blacks. Someone answer this for me, how come when the democrats put their heads together with I have to admit, good intentions, to help the people they claim they represent...the ideal sucks and it really hurts the almost 100% of its base voters, Blacks. Both democrats and some Republicans are dead wrong on illegal immigration when it comes to Blacks, because illegals from South of the border are usually not educated and oh yeah! POOR!! It's no mystery that illegals from South of the border will work for less wages in comparsion to what an American citizen will work for. Don't believe me, when was the last time you seen an American citizen, most likely a teenager, do a lawn? ask for your order at a fast food joint or be on the fries waiting to be promoted to flippin burgers or drinks? When?

And now they want to raise the minimium wage, in good intentions, so we can see the idea blow up in all of our faces in the form of unemployment, higher prices or even the closing of some small businesses that can't afford the wage hike.

The late Milton Friedman said this in an interview in Houston, TX:

"Let me give you a very simple example. Take the minimum wage law. Its well-meaning sponsors -- there are always in these cases two groups of sponsors. There are the well-meaning sponsors and there are the special interests who are using the well-meaning sponsors as front men. You almost always when you have bad programs have an unholy coalition of the do-gooders on the one hand and the special interests on the other. The minimum wage law is as clear a case as you could want. [. . .]
[T]he minimum wage law is most properly described as a law saying employers must discriminate against people who have low skills. That's what the law says. The law says here's a man who would -- has a skill which would justify a wage rate of $1.50, $2.00 an hour. You can't, you may not employ him. It's illegal. Because if you employ him you have to pay him $2.50. Well, what's the result? To employ him at $2.50 is to engage in charity."

He went on to say this....

"Now there's nothing wrong with charity. But most employers are not in a position where they can engage in that kind of charity. Thus the consequences of minimum wage rates have been almost wholly bad, to increase unemployment and to increase poverty. Moreover, the effects have been concentrated on the groups that the do-gooders would most like to help. The people who have been hurt most by minimum wage laws are the blacks. I've often said that the most anti-Negro law on the books of this land is the minimum wage rate. And so I think the real answer to your question is that you must not judge a bottle solely by its label. You have to look at what's inside and see what the law or the measure produces."


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Oh Now He's Guilty....


OJ is back in the news again, where he likes the little spotlight. Apparently he has written a book titled, "If I Done It," Hell Juice, you did do it!! and I'm not saying it some years after the fact. I said it when they were investigating the murder of your ex-wife and Ron Goldman, I said it when you interrupted the Knicks/Rockets finals with your pathetic thirty mile per hour chase mixed in with your cowardness to not pull the trigger and blow your head off, I said it when you uttered, "one hundred percent not guilty" and I was hoping when that jury came back and read the verdict that they would say..guilty.

And now you want to come back and analyze a scenerio as if you did do it...whigga puhleze! have you any shame? Apparently not. And apparently the 70% of blacks who felt he didn't commit the murders, now have concluded some years later that maybe he did. You can't find a black person who feels differently about his guilt in comparison to the actual trial.

So what has changed? Is it because the day OJ was released from custody, he went on to being the same ol' Juice? Separated from the black community? OJ had no dealings with black folk since he divorced his first wife and until his azz was in a bind and like a desperate democrat politician needing votes visits the ever trustworthy black church. That's what he did, up for murder of two white people and the "Us against Them" attitude showed up. Thing is, it showed up for whites too. And both sides show-cased an ugly side of race relations or lack thereof. Because if 70% of black people thought innocent, 70% percent of whites thought guilty. Problem is, the poll was flawed, how much "emotion" or "person feelings" went into everyone thought process. I have to admit, it's hard to not get emotional when one race, sees and suspects racism at every turn. I'm sorry but it's inherited, throughout the country's history. Even I look back and see that almost 40 years ago, I could be on a bus and told to give my seat to a white person. Or, lynched because of a lie.

I get that justice, was for white folk and punishment was for "just us." I get the discrepancy of sentencing in regard to rock coke and power coke. It ain't right, but when it comes to Orenthal James Simpson.....that whigga did it and that jury picked the wrong person at the wrong time to get a message across.

And what did they get in return?

A confession of a want to be white person, who led the police on a thirty mile per hour chase-while the Knicks/Rockets were in the finals, after almost taking off the head of the mother of his children.

And after all these years....Oh! Now He's Guilty...

Man, I Miss Him

This blog/group would be empty if it didn't have Ralph Wiley in it. Man, I miss him.

ABC News. com: Don't Call Me Nigga

Caught this little tidbit on about a childrens book in regard to the use of the word "Nigga"
Check it out:

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

When Political Correctness Goes Wrong

You know I try to go through life treating people the way, I would want to be treated. I believe every person deserves a fair shake or an opportunity to prove themselves. I think overall some people are good folk who just want to do the best for their family and live in their perceived version of "happiness." And although we debate and insult each other when we disagree, overall I would sit down and have a beer or share a crown and coke with the main contributers on this site.

But I'm upset ya'll and I'm unmotivated about where I work. My morale is low and quite frankly, I don't see it getting better.

Well damn RF23, what happened?

Thanks for asking, and I have to admit I can't jot down what I really want to say without trying to be political or black republican-ish. I want to come out as a person who is looking for a different perspective, cause I can't see it. Let me tell what's going on: Last week, the City of Los Angeles City Council voted to settle a lawsuit, in which a black man, who worked for the Los Angeles Fire Department for 22 years, over a prank by his fellow firemen was fed dog food in his spaghetti.

The firefighter named Tennie Pierce claimed he suffered mental and physical distress and oh yeah, was a victim of a pattern of racial discrimination within the Fire Department. His attorney presented an "expert" from UC Davis who said that Pierce experienced what Blacks throughout history have experienced in getting fed scraps. Well after that little spew, the City Council opened up the "people of Los Angeles' check-book" and scratched $2.7 million payable to Mr. Pierce's attorney, who will after taking his or her fees, forward the rest to Pierce.

All of this happened because the City Attorneys office failed to investigate and ask the right questions. In essence they failed at the "Discovery" process, because once the L.A. Times published the story, all hell broke loose.

And this is where I'm at, I work for the City Attorneys Office as a Paralegal and before I got on with the City, I worked in private practice, specifically "employment law." This type of case I am familiar with and although I don't work in the City's Employment Relation Division, what transpired is a morale killer. The fact that this office surrendered to political correctness and recommended to the council to settle the case, because the plaintiff threw race into it is reprehensible.

I worked racial discrimination cases, wrongful termination cases and sexual harrassment cases and I worked for the defendants, which were corporations. I can tell you all, exactly how many case I've had where we told our client to write a check...ONE!!!

Every case I've dealt with we were sucessful in getting verdicts in our favor or the plaintiffs dropped the matter after we did our damn jobs and was able to discredit the claims. (for the record, the managing partner or the guy whose name was on the door is an African American) For instance, a white male, who worked at a fast food restaurant corporate office, was terminated for having pornography on his computer, the company had a zero tolerance for that type of action, he signed a paper saying he understood the policy, he broke it and was terminated. He sued the company for wrongful termination and sexual harrassment. After obtaining the site list that the plaintiff visited, we interviewed everyone who dealt with him in regard to the sexual harrassment matter. We reviewed his application and checked out his background. We left no stone unturned and it was I who out of curiousity and "want to know" looked at one part of his application and to make the story short...he lied on his app., and after proving he did so he dropped the case...How about one more, a woman sued a defense company for racial discrimination and wrongful termination. When asked during her deposition of how she felt discriminated against...she said that at a dinner party the supervisor drank out of everyone's glass but her's. Two days later, that case was dropped.

Which brings me to this case in which my employer has failed to represent the people of Los Angeles. Pierce was on the fire department for 22 years, he went by the name of "big dog" and is quoted as saying "feed the big dog" at a volleyball game, in which he apparently was dominating in the middle. So as a prank, his housemates put dog food in his spaghetti and Pierce eat one bite, and the house erupted with laughter..Pierce asked what is in the food and was told dog food, dude took another bite. A few weeks later, he sues and causes two captains to be suspended, not fired.

Well here is the failure, It seems that Pierce was a prankster himself during 22 years on the fire department. Pictures were forwarded to a local radio station, showing at the time, an unconfirmed identity of Pierce on some of his pranks. The next day the photos were positively confirmed by Pierce and after seeing the pictures, the city council refused to rescind its settlement. When asked if they saw the pictures? Councilman Dennis Zine said, No and if they had, they would not have voted to give this guy the settlement. So the question is why my office did not divulge the photos?...They don't know! and they did not mention it in a report that is given to the council to review. They failed....

Fact is Pierce was not discriminated against, but the recipient of a prank. And for that prank the taxpayers of Los Angeles who just voted to give this same council an addition three year term to their limits, have to pay Pierce $2.7 million for something that could have gone to parks or programs for Youths. And I'm not mad at Pierce, at first I was because he took that avenue to throw his fellow housemates under. but it ain't his fault that the city gave him a boulevard to go down. This is what happens when political correctness goes bad....


Photos of Mr. Pierce in his prank mode:

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Calming Effect

"Those who ask for tolerance....are the most intolerant"

A few days ago, Drew and I were talking and he asked my thoughts on Affirmative Action. Initially shocked because everyone that has talked to my on my thoughts about Black America which includes race based hiring or preferences, should know that I feel as of today in 2006, Not 1966 or 56, that affirmative action has served its cause when it was signed into law by Richard Nixon.

Affirmative Action, race based preferences or quotas is wrong in a politically correct America. Let me give you an example:

1. It is my belief that some blacks have no problem of taking a job that they know is a race based hiring or that he is a quota.

How would you feel if your supervisor told you that you were hired because they needed to have some many minorities on the payroll to continue obtaing Gov't funds or contracts? And the fact that they had people who were well qualifed for the job, but couldn't hire....I would feel small...but in the mean time, I would learn my job and improve myself to prove to the managers that I'm no damn pawn, and although I was an affirmative action hire, I could do the job either the same or ten times better than the desired candidate. Am I the exception? I don't think so.

2. It is my belief that we, as black americans have squandered all of the opportunities sacrificed by our grandparents.

We are the poor the little kittens who got our mittens dirty. We can't fix it and we're in worse shape than we, as black americans were before. You know the one thing I think about, with the passing of our relatives, is what did they think of black america? You take GaNeane's grandmother, she was active in political activities, hell up until her death, she was still calling blacks, negroes, cause that is what she identified with. What did she think of young black men, wearing their pants almost to their knees? what did she think about the shiftless blacks who continued to look for hand outs instead of doing things on their own. Surely the black america she left behind was no where close to the black america she lived in. What about Ms. Taitt? A woman who dedicated her life to giving back the gift of education to our generation and our children's generation. What did she think, when she retired? Yeah, our age group may have gotten the lessons, but some of us sure as hell didn't maintain it. She teached in a period, where students came into the classroom, and didn't dare cut up, with the fear of their parents putting a little something to their backside...And that was after, a few other folks got to tee off on dat ass...What did she think? Surely this wasn't the plan for black america. It had to hurt to see black students do the things they did, when she herself was probably denied entry to schools because of her race.

So there you have it and I have attached a entry by Lashawn Barber called "Calming Effect." I think the article expresses my thoughts to a certain point....

Here it is:

Calming Effect
Just as I’ve decided to stop complaining about illegal “immigration” from a burdened-American perspective, I may do the same with race preferences.
I’m only one person, and though I’ve probably influenced a few readers with my unorthodox opinions about so-called affirmative action, black people in general will always support it, just as they will continue voting for liberals.
It’s disheartening to know that yet another generation of blacks is growing up with persecution complexes and prove-you’re-not-a-racist-by-giving-me-perks attitudes. For at least 25 years, lowered standards and expectations for blacks have been the status quo in public institutions. Whether blacks are attending schools they’re not qualified to attend because of race preferences and would fare better at schools better suited to their abilities (high on my list of possible explanations) or whether the collapse of the black family and a general apathy to education relegates black kids to the academic basement, I don’t know and I honestly don’t care. People make their own choices in this free country, and if parents don’t care about their own offspring, why am I worrying about them?
A black liberal once asked me how I could be so adamant in my views, how I could be sure that I’d always think conservatively. He was upset that I was publicly displaying conservative views and believed that one day, I’d change the way I saw the world. (The implication was that I’d return to liberalism.)
Wherever you are, “concerned” black liberal, you were right. My view of the world is slowly changing, but not the way you’d hoped. I am convinced that some blacks are afraid to be treated equally because they know they’ll never be academically competitive with whites. I am convinced that deep down, some blacks would rather accept lowered standards than face the embarrassment of a truly level playing field. They will use any means necessary – political, legal, psychological – to make sure the color of their skin always remains front and center, and at the same time, castigate people who can’t see past it.
It’s illogical, but it’s what humans do. It’s a coping mechanism that is ingrained, passed from one generation to the next. The condition of black Americans as a group (high illegitimacy rates even at higher income levels, unstable families, disproportionately high crime rates, underachievement, etc.) won’t improve until a critical mass of that group understands and vocalizes the truth.
It is true that people have their own lives to live and their own choices to make. The last thing I want to do is tell people what to do. But when those same people expect me and others to bear the burden of those choices without complaint, the rules change.
Just as illegal “immigration” raises my blood pressure, so does acceptance of lowered standards and expectations. It’s a shame. It’s a waste. But, it’s the way it is.
Despite the tone of this post, I’m feeling good. Not to get too much into my life outside the blog but…a certain person in it is having a calming effect on me. Some battles don’t seem worth fighting anymore, namely, trying to convince people of the absolute need to see themselves as capable, morally accountable, and undeserving of anything handed to them out of pity.
Priorities change, and life points you in a different direction. I welcome it (and you), my friend.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Yesterday (RF23)

J. Lewis.

You know I never would have thought that I would ever or would disagree with one of our greatest civil rights champions. Who? Martin Luther King, Jr., yeah, I can't believe it, but I was just thinking to myself and said, "self, what is the one thing you and MLK, Jr., would disagree on, if he were alive today?" and I said, "well, I guess we would disagree on the War on Terror." I think King would disapprove strongly on the War on Terror. Whereas, most of you know I agree with the war and although it looks like we are going to pull our troops outta there, with the mission not done and I guess the 28oo or so troops killed in action and or accidents would really be for nothing. And this includes Cindy Sheehan's son, Casey. At least at the time of his death, he and other troops that have perished, died because we were there to rid the Iraqi people of a dictator, who decided to "man-up" at the wrong time and flipped an angry United States off, after we were attacked on September 11, 2001. And if Casey were in Afghanistan, ridding the Afghani people of a radical group that was terrorizing and harboring the actual terrorist who was responsible for his greatest attack on this country since Japan attacked us on December 7, 1941. Either way, troopers like Casey layed their life down, because one, they swore to defend our country and our country's interest.

Now, it pains me to read that we are going to pull out and leave the Iraqi and Afghani people to I guess the same terror the Vietnamese people had to endure.

So back to Martin, if he were alive, he would applaud that news and I guess try to re-open talks with our enemies, peacefully.

What else would I disagree with Martin Luther King, Jr., on? Affirmative Action. Although King asked to be judged by content of character and not skin color. I guess he would applaud President Richard Nixon's signing into law, Affirmative Action. Now if I were old enough or my parent's age during that time frame, I would agree whole heartedly that such a program would have been necessary. I mean in some parts or in all of America, blacks were treated unfairly. I get that, but if King were alive right now, today, we would disagree in regard to Affirmative Action. I simply feel that if a company refuses to hire, which is their right, minorities based off bigotry, deserves to wither and die. I know I told the story about a store owner in Alabama, that straight up told me he didn't serve blacks. He was an old man and I appreciated his telling me that. Nevertheless, I went back to Alabama, saw the store, and surprised that it was still open. I went inside again and this time, there was a younger white man inside. He smiled and asked if I needed anything, and this was during my radical mad at the white man, "X" hat wearing days, listening to X-Clan, Public Enemy and KRS. I asked what happened to the old guy who worked in here..He replied, oh Grand dad, he's at home, I own the store. I asked if he served black people. He laughed and said, "oh you met my grandfather?" I apologize for that, but you are more than welcome and I appreciate you visting (I haven't bought anything, yet). He went on to say, that his grandfather had to live with his father, because the store didn't generate revenue. The military "off limit-ed" the store for his views and actions. He basically went broke, so he took over the store, cleared the stores name with the base and all of this happened in the course of two years. But the frosting on the cake was this very attractive sista (black woman) came into the store carrying a baby of mixed race, passed right by me and said, "hey, see here's your daddy" and gave the baby to the man. "My wife." said the store owner. I smiled, picked up a beverage and left.

Change... and that is what this country has done...Now for some of you, it may be too slow or the memory of having to sit in the back of bus, eat at separate dining facilities, use different bathroom facilities or drink from different water fountains seems like yesterday. And I get and respect those feelings and I damn sure appreciate the historic value, but it's exactly that, yesterday. And unfortunately, the things I disagree with King on, was for a time, a change in our America that was needed desparately....


Friday, November 10, 2006

Gerald Levert

Today the music world lost a great singer in Gerald Levert. Oh Casanova!!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

In A Nutshell


Nutshells on Mid-Term Elections

When Republicans worry more about staying in government than about limiting government, they get thrown out of government. That's the lesson of Nov. 7, 2006.
The Democrats said: “Had enough?”
The Republicans said: “It could be worse!”
The voters said: “Let’s find out.”

So Long Ed....

ED BRADLEY (1941 - 2006)

CBS 60 Minutes Correspondent Ed Bradley has died at the early age of 65...65 that is so young and the age group of my parents. It seems just like yesterday that Bradley was just placed on the long running T.V. news magazine, with Mike Wallace, Morley Safer and Harry Reasoner. I guess the one interview that really stuck out for me is his interview with Michael Jackson on his recent criminal court case.

Bradley seemed almost repulsed by Jackson, after a seemingly "I'll take you by the hand" interview. Bradley had asked Jackson, why a forty - five year old man, would share his bed with children thats not his and why is that not a problem..Jackson reply was that he did not see a problem with it....Another interview that Mr. Bradley did was almost two weeks ago in regard to the Duke University alleged rape case. Where one of the strippers said on the 60 Minutes, she doubts anything happened and the accounts of the alleged rape victim are false. Bradley seemed bothered by the stripper, but somehow got her to say that some type of racial ephitet was used while they were leaving the alleged rape scene.

The one thing that stuck out by Ed Bradley was that he was old skool cat, who wore an ear ring and made it cool for a guy his age to sport it.....

So long Ed.....

CNN News Story:

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Prayer with Jesse.....

Prayer With Jesse
J. Lewis

ESPN; Page 2 Columnist Scoop Jackson writes that Jesse Jackson brought closure to the Ron Artest - Ben Wallace fiasco, that turned into the NBA's biggest bleach spot. A near riot in Detroit (U.S. - 2nd most violent city) in which Artest went into the stands after a fan, who he thought threw a cup of beer on him, while he laid on the scorer's table, after being two hand clutched by Wallace. For his action, Artest was suspended for the whole year, while Wallace received a nice suspension for his actions. All in all, a few players on the Indiana Pacers had charges brought against them, along with the fan who actually threw lighter fluid on a violatile Artest. And now, after two years, Jesse Jackson has decided to bring closure to Artest and Wallace. And now we have Scoop Jackson applauding Jesse's intervention as if Jesse brought world peace.

"No cameras were present." Just how did Jesse Jackson get over that? He must've went through convulsions and heavy sweating with the absence of the one thing that is always near, like his wallet. I imagine Jesse would have stopped the prayer and made someone go get a disposable camera for his Nobel Peace Prize action. I mean a fight between two NBA players, in which one player grabbed another by the throat and pushed him must have frightened the His shakedowness. Maybe Wallace's hand position reminded Jesse how he shakes down businesses for the "good" of his relative errr!!!! people.

Jesse is 65...Isn't that retirement age? He's at the point where he can collect his retirement from his many mutual funds or investments in companies he suggested we boycott for not helping out his relative err!!! people. Life must be good, when you don't have to depend on social security for chump change or if you're like the people Jesse was supposed to be the leader of....Not live long enough to collect said chump change, because Jesse felt his people, not relatives, didn' t deserve to have social security reform, by private accounts...

But hey at least Ben Wallace and Ron Artest shook hands and prayed...Nevermind that in cities like Detroit, a young black man is taking the life of another young black man. And there's no Jesse to pray for them.

Scoop Jackson Article:

Issue: Minimium Wage
Issue: Minimium Wage

Okay Dems, since you have won the mid term elections and of course you all are believing that you won because of the issues. Well, lets discuss the issue of raising the minimium wage. Yesterday some states voted to raise the minimium wage to over $6.00 a hr., and of course the democrats were in favor and the losing side, the republicans were against. I can imagine the commercials went to the effect like demo candidate, supports raising the wage and the bush loving, war mongering republican candidate does not care about poor people and god help you if you happen to be poor and black, then you're really bent over the barrel.

So as usual, the mind set of getting employers, who happen to run small business are up the creek, without a kiss or I'll call you later. No!! now they are faced with additional cost to pay their low skilled workers more. Quick question, who came up with the number of only $6.00? Why not $20.00 a hr.? with the employer paying all the cost of health care. It's obvious democrats haven't changed their spots and still stealing elections off of sensationalism. "Hey poor man! you should'nt flip burgers for $4 or $5 dollars a hr., Nooo! my illegal alien workerrrr!!! I mean American citizen you should make a helluva lot more, so you can enjoy your career as a professional burger flipper. And to show you, our appreciation, we are going tax that additional monies and place them in our handy dandy social security system, where you might not live long enough to partake of the small amount we will pay you for flippin' those burgers...The ironic thing about that, is that most seniors take those minimium wage jobs to get by...Not no more Jose, errr!! Johnny will now take that job as a teen-ager, graduate from high school and Al Bundy his way to a lucrative burger flippin' and wrappin' expert....But hey who cares, that small businesses that employ these people go under and by the way, under this current administration, more black women have opened more small businesses than their white counterparts, they will go under because they now have to pay their workers more or!! raise the price of their merchandise...Hell we all pay, either through taxes or higher prices. Do you think the voters got that in radio or TV ads?...hell no. What they got was democratic candidate who supports higher wages for our country's poor and the republican candidate who, supports......

Wal Mart!

Supporting Sources On Why Raising the Minimium Wage Work:,1249,650198034,00.html“650 Economists Back Wage Hike,” Associated Press, October 12, 2006“Higher Minimum Wage No Longer Regarded in US as Sure-Fire Job Killer,” by Kim Chipman, Bloomberg News, August 7, 2006 (Pay close attention the study by David Card and Alan Krueger.) Nobel Laureate Gary Becker’s argument against the Card-Krueger study.“Why the Minimum Wage Law Causes Unemployment,” National Center For Policy Analysis“50 Years of Research on the Minimum Wage,”Joint Economic Committee, February 15, 1995“Professor Stiglitz and the Minimum Wage,” By Vedran Vuk, Ludwig Von Mises Institute, September 4, 2006“Raising Minimum Wage Seems Inevitable,” CNN, May 6, 1996

Congratulations Democrats

Well, it's over folks and the democrats have gained control of the House of Representatives and soon to be the senate. Congratulations, I guess are in order. I can't say that the good people who lined up in Iraq and Afghanistan are feeling festive about yesterday's outcome. I can't say that the soldiers who are serving our country and putting their backsides on the line for "mission first" and after five years of seeing their buddies placed in body bags for that one mission aren't feeling festive. Yeah, some of them want to go home and celebrate the upcoming holidays, see their families and their children, but I can't think of one soldier or marine who want pick up and leave their mission undone.

Congratulations Democrats for changing the road and showing us your new ideals. We look forward to seeing your economic change and the even lowering of the unemployment rate. We look forward to seeing gas prices back to $0.99 on the low (87 grade) end.

Congratulations Democrats....

I guess..

(Bin Laden is so proud of you).

Friday, November 03, 2006

Crouch: What Obama Isn't: Black Like Me

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I Could've Sworn I said.....

By Repfanz23 -

I don't remember when I said it nor do I remember to who, but I could've sworn I said it. What? well in my many writings and guest writing to the thousands of political blogs. I said something to the effect that the democrats would pound and pound the republicans to the mat like an UFC match, until a mistake is made. Well, like clock work and taxes.. a mistake was made and oh baby was it a big one.


That had to be the mindset of the democrats when they fired on their "cheerleading and biased" local news and saw that failed presidential candidate John "I actually said yeah, before I said no" Kerry was shown insulting me and my fellow brothers in arms. Now I'm not going to rehash what was said, but the comments were insulting and quite frankly, theres no way this guy could apologize to veterans like myself and our men and women who bravely serve this country so this a-hole can say that. I mean really, if you're a democrat, you have to be pulling your hair out right now. First Howard Dean, then mix in Charles Rangel a duly elected representative from the state of New York not knowing the date of 9-11.

Yet, America is fed a huge hunkin' helpin of how dumb the president is. I'm sorry, but with the latest comments coming from the democrat side of the aisle, it makes me wonder if Hollywood is really in fact running the leftist agenda. I mean how dumb does the democratic and far leftist party think the American public is. We're not stupid people in scary movies who go into dark places after seeing one of their friends get chopped up and in turn get chopped up themselves. No. I think the American public is fed up with sesame street politics and tired of being called racists for being against I dunno, illegal immigration, black on black crime, high percentage of high school drop out rates and being force fed someone's choice of a sexual partner.

Maybe it's just me, but it shows how out of touch Kerry is and why he never connected with the American public. The American public wants someone they can identify with and I'm sorry, some stuff coat who gigalloed his way into Heinz Ketchup and Mustard riches is not what we have in mind as someone who knows the American people. Hell the only reason why John Wayne was so beloved was that he epitomized an American Joe. I mean really, look at all the parts Wayne played and I betcha that only his cowboy and military movies come to mind. Kerry was never and could never be that. I guess with all that said, good luck Hilary in your attempt to return as president instead of being Billy's fifth or sixth choice after he couldn't find a unwilling lady he couldn't force himself onto.

But as I digress, I would like to thank John Kerry for his well time ilinformed remarks...