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Monday, June 01, 2015

RF23 - Standing Strong

You know over the years, I've taken stand after stand of my social and political beliefs and over the years, I may have lost a few folk here and there or simply not taken seriously enough for some folks to even notice me.   The latter I can live with because it's simply choice.  It's like channel surfing, either you like what you're watching or you don't.   Hell til' this weekend, I only heard of the Lifetime Channel and didn't know BET changed to Centric or something.


It's the first one that has me not standing firm, standing strong.    Is it my fault?  Is it their fault or did folks, I shared meals, time and vacation with just had enough of my going against grain.  Had enough of me being right and they having the inability to show or prove me wrong.

I think the misunderstanding is that with whatever social stance or injustice, they're coming at me filled with emotions and conjuring up Jim Crow situations that they nor I have experienced.  Either that or I've become numb to seeing and hearing excuse after excuse as to why we ain't got this or that some unknown white person is responsible for failures.   Black failures.

I know folks, often wonder if I'm serious on the things I say and debate.  Hell, I know I wonder the same when I talk to them with their opinions.

Everything is black and white, either it's hot or cold, either it's full or empty.  There can't be an in between, because if it could.  My opinions or stances on fill in the blank situation would be moot.

and so would someone elses.

One of the things, I get hit with or hit with recently, is this question:  "What are you doing?"  what are you doing to make a change or offer up a solution.

If they're talking about hitting the streets to spread my message that the democrats have succeeding in enslaving blacks back to the plantation in the form of voting booths.  I do that.

If they're talking about hitting the streets to spread my message that today, we're being told that good is evil and evil is good.   I do that.

I have only 300 odd friends on FB and I used to have more and in the past it hurt me to see the decrease, but not anymore.    I can be down to one friend or be absolutely bare in the friends category and I'll be a little butt hurt, but it's only a sting, as if I got popped by a towel.   I'll be mad, but I'll get over it.


I'm standing strong.

Over the years, I can remember the first time I was called an Uncle Tom, I remember the first time I was called a sell out, I remember the first time I was called a coon and now the remaining intelligence I have is being questioned and insulted.    In the past, such insults would result in a barrage of insults from me and if you wanted to throw, I am and was ready to do such.  However, as the years go by, all I can do is watch.  Watch with my own eyes of what a lack of fathers do to  their own kids, which I can attest too, but to the over-all black community.   A once proud race of people are now a bunch of petulant little children when things don't go our way.   The bible warns of the anti-Christ, but the black community has had it, in their community since April 5, 1968.   What organization of collared preachers would okay the killing of unborn babies at the rate the black community does?  What organization of collared preaches would allow a sexual preference to guilt them to go against God?  What organization of collared preachers would allow the decay of the surrounding communities and at the same time enrich themselves?   This wasn't the case before April 4, 1968 and it wasn't certainly the case before February 21, 1965. 

If the two dates trip you up, look them up.  I'm a blogger not a history teacher.

I used to write on this blog, daily or even once a week and that slowed down.   Is it because of I'm done saying the same stuff or that I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.   Either way, whether this is the last post or not.  I'll still be..

Standing Strong.