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Thursday, February 09, 2012

RF23-The Passing of Morality

The Passing of Morality

Last week it was reported that Texas Rangers’ star, Josh Hamilton had a setback in trying to maintain his sobriety, when it was reported that he had a few drinks in a Dallas bar. The story is sad in itself, where you have this man battling in trying to fight off the addiction of drugs and/or alcohol is a long never ending battle, and everyone who knows Hamilton personally or is a fan of this popular player would definitely be looking out for him.

Well, apparently not..

On the way to the bank, yesterday, a caller on a local sports radio show, said he was a bartender and it was his job to serve drinks and if Hamilton entered his bar and asked for a drink, he would serve him.

Question: Would you serve him, if you didn’t know who he was?
Answer: Of course, I don’t know if the customer is an addict

Question: Would you serve him, if you knew, who he was and what he was going through

Answer: Yes, Hey it’s my job to serve alcohol.

Wow! I thought to myself, so you know the man is fighting his addiction and instead of talking him off that drink or calling someone, to come and get him, the bartender would break out a glass and just pour.

Where’s the morality in that?

Let’s talk about something, a little more disturbing. By now, most of you know the situation going on in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), where apparently a long tenured teacher, basically sexually assaulted, with now at count over 600 hundred children, going back some twenty years. I’m not going to put what he did to those children in this writing and although some of my writings can be a little risqué in content, I’m not going to do this in this situation.

The latest reports are now, that there are two teachers, who are charged with sexually assaulting children in an inner city elementary school and possibly a third. On Tuesday, it was reported that the school, Mira Montes Elementary School closed down for a day and basically cleaned house by reassigning the current staff to..OTHER SCHOOLS IN LOS ANGELES! And oh! one of the teachers charged was investigated, almost two years ago for his sick act and nothing happened, except that he was allowed to retire and receive his full pension with healthcare and not fired. What’s more disturbing and equivalent to the actions of the Catholic Church, is that the district, simply passed these men on to different schools or is near impossible to fire a teacher these days, so they can prey on more innocent children.

Where’s the morality?

In an even more disturbing sub story to these crimes, is that the L.A. Times reported that the district assigns the worse teachers to the bad neighborhoods, in the thinking that since there is little parent involvement, the bad teachers could skate by unnoticed and unquestioned. Take a guess, where these men were assigned. They were assigned to a school, that was in a high probability that the students, maybe children of illegal alien parents who may not have the strong emphasis on education or too scared to rock the boat, due to their unlawful entry in the United States. That’s a heck of a sacrifice! An unwanted sacrifice, where in this case, a parent, FORGET THAT THEY’RE HERE ILLEGALLY, BECAUSE THAT IS NOT THE ISSUE IN THIS CASE, places their children in the care of a district, a school and a teacher and for some reason, all three fail! And to make it worse, they pass these bad teachers, criminal teachers to the next unsuspecting neighborhood. Ready to be pissed even more, these same children walk through the same neighborhood that has convicted child molesters in it!

In the past six months, we’ve had serious breakdowns of morality and compassion in this country. One incident, involving a former assistant coach at Penn State, where everyone passed the buck or simply didn’t do enough, to, what we’re finding out at Mira Monte Elem., School. Society is failing or either too busy face booking or tweeting, because the adage of taking a village to raise a child(ren) is all but gone. And besides, based on who’s in and running the village..

I pass.