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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Movie Quote

"Have you lost your mind? I mean, how is it that you can disrespect a man's ethnicity when you know we've influenced nearly every facet of White America. From our music to our style of dress, not to mention your basic imitation of our sense of cool. Walk, talk, dress, mannerisms, we enrich your very existence. All the while contributing to the gross national product through our achievments in corporate America. It's these conceits that comfort me when I'm faced with the ignorant, cowardly, bitter and bigoted who have no talent, no guts; people like you who desecrate things they don't understand when the truth is you should say, "Thank you, man", and go on about your way. But apparently you're incapable of doing that. So...and don't tell me to be cool. I AM cool!"

Sin Lasalle "Be Cool"
Played by Cedric The Entertainer..

The Myth of the American Soldier

Had Enough of John Kerry?

Okay...I guess I was dumb and didn't have anything else going on. I guess my 3.2 gpa was all fake and hell all the studying was for naught....

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Quote: Larry Elder

" Stop condescending, stop kissing *ss. Every time I hear a speech by a Republican, generally a white Republican, talking about the desire to reach out to blacks, they always spell it out with what kind of special programs that they're going to pass for black people or have passed for black people, that they've asked the SBA to expand loans for black people, and all this stuff - instead of saying the Republican agenda -- low taxes, limited government, our strong family values, and national security works to your benefit just like it works to everybody else's benefit. (Black Americans are)...not from Mars, (they're) Americans just like anybody else. They should emphasize things like vouchers. Here in California a few years ago there was a state-wide initiative to go to a state-wide voucher system. It failed. I tell you where it passed -- it passed in the inner city because black women and men wanted their kids out of these government schools where there was a high amount of violence, where as George Bush put it, (there was) a soft bigotry of low expectations.They wanted them out, yet it's the Republican Party that pushes vouchers and it's the Democratic Party along with the teachers' union that adamantly opposes it. Now I don't know what issue is more important to a parent than where his or her child goes to school. Yet you have the Republicans on the right side of this issue as far as inner city blacks are concerned and Democrats are on the wrong side of this issue. Another one is this attempt by George Bush to privatize, at least partially, Social Security. Well, blacks enter the job market sooner than whites. They die sooner than whites. The average black male dies at about 65 which is at the age when you get full benefits for social security. So, there is really a net transfer out of a black pocket to a white pocket because of the fact that blacks die sooner than whites do - so they get ripped off by the Social Security system. If this were explained to black people in a better way, I think more blacks would get on this. I've seen focus groups where this was explained to young black men and after these facts are explained to them, they become aggressive supporters of (personal accounts).So instead of going to black people and going, "I feel your pain. I'm so sorry for what the country did to black people in the past," it ought to be, "Here's what the Republican Party stands for. Here's why our issues (work) to your benefit and why it is true that blacks per capita make less money than whites. ...While low taxes may not benefit you directly, they will benefit the people who employ you and will give them an incentive to employ more people in the black community and, therefore, it will help you."What Republicans always do when they call me -- and I get phone calls from Republicans a lot, John, -- they say what can they do to increase the percentage of blacks (voting for me)? Honestly? Stop kissing *ss, stop talking to them like they're children. Talk to them like they're adults. Give the same speech to black people that you would give in a suburb. Don't change it, don't alter, don't try and soft pedal it because it's insulting, it's condescending."

Syndicated Talkshow Host Larry Elder on Republican efforts to gain Black American votes...

Mr. Elder was interviewed on "rightwing" For the whole interview:

Mind Of A Mad Father....

by Repfanz

While doing my daily reads of current events and sports news. I caught this little story on MSN. It seems that a father probably living vicariously through his kid got a little miffed at the coach for not putting his son in a game, got into an arguement with the coach, left the field and got his gun to force the coach to let his son in the game.

Now I don't need to tell grown-ups this is bad thing, but to put a different spin on this, I wonder what was going on in the mind of pops....hmmmmm:

Any Date Saturday, Any Year at Any Place

Mad Dad: Whew it sure is a little nippy out here..glad I brought my canteen with my favorite friend in it, yeah me and JD (Jack Daniels) have come a long way and boy we sure got into some shhhhh together. Yeah, JD and I have come through thick and thin. And Jack was there when I met my boy's momma...oooooo weee! she had a big ol' ahem! Damn sure is nippy out here, I'm gonna take a little of sip of my friend...sip. aahh oh! damn whew, JD is a little pissed today. Awww come on! ref, the kid was off side! ref!! blow the damn whistle ref!! hey coach, number 50 is holding, he's holding! ah damn!! what kinda of defense is that?! where's the inspiration?! (thinkin' to himself) man, back in the day, I used to tear the field up, I mean I don't think anyone has broken my four touchdowns in one game yet...I was Al Bundy before that damn show was on...And I don't sell shoes dammit!! man I was great, if only I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller...damn man, I was a baller.

I wonder why my kid ain't in the game yet...Johnny! Johnny! whats up? (kid hunches shoulder) Hey coach! number 33 is available, Hey coach, let my kid in, he's got talent..Coach! Johnny! (points to the coach) coach! wuz up?! No. 33...awww damn, look at that the other team scored, who is number 24? he just got beat on fly route, that black kid just flew by him...Coach! my son could cover that boy..Coach!! (takes another sip of JD) this is some bullshhhh, I paid $200 for my boy to be on the team and I'll be got damned if he doesn't play. Coach! No. 33!! Johnny! (Sip of JD) Man this muthafugga can hear me, cause he looked my way...

Excuse me! what? That's my boy who is being disrespected...Oh, your kid is No. 24, yeah well he let that black boy just run right by him...where's his pride?...Hey, We must protect this house!! (sip of JD) awww damn! that same kid just ran a end around and scored, who is calling the defense? If that were me, man I would have clothes line that boy, I betcha a fifth of JD that boy would think three times before he come my way...

(Game almost over and kid hasn't played)

I can't believe this, my boy hasn't played yet..let me call his momma and see if the coach did this crap last week...(dialing number) Ay...did Johnny get in the game last week? No...why? what, no..get back to the part that he wasn't good enough..WTF do you mean not good enough? He's my boy, and we are good at this! no.! $200! I paid $200 for him to be on the he is supposed to play...look! they just scored again (sip of JD)! Nah, Nah, I going down there and set this mutha straight...(going towards the sidelines)

Coach, a minute, coach, put my boy in..

Coach: Sir, you gotta get to your seat, everyone plays.

Mad Dad: but the game is almost over, and everyone has not played..

Coach: Who hasn't played? oh...Johnny..Sir I can't play 'em

Mad Dad: WTF do you mean you can't play 'em? I got two hunny saying that you do...don't turn your back on me! man! (grabs coaches arm and sip of JD)

Coach: (flicks Mad Dad's hands off him and gives him, I'm gonna kick your effen' azz, look.

(Mad Dad realizes that coach is a heavy hitter and will probably beat him and Jack Daniels down, leaves the field, toward his pick up truck)

Mad Dad: Oh he's gonna let my boy in the game, and did you see how he looked at he was better than me...that's alright, I gonna get my gun.. (reaches truck, pulls rifle from gun rack and heads back to the field)

Mad Dad: Ay coach! now what do you say you let my boy in now? (sips JD) huh! I didn't hear ya'll, whatcha say? Hold up son, I'm gonna get you in the game, so you could show the people your my boy!! Son! huh, game is over...Ay coach next week, my boy betta play...lets go boy...


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Elder: Student and His Bush Bashing Teacher

Radio Talkshow Host and Columnist Larry Elder gives the blow by blow details of a high school student's encounter with a public school English teacher.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Whitlock: Standing Up For Justice

Kansas City Star's Jason Whitlock thinks that there is some injustice going on in regard to the Duke Lacrosse players. After a 60 Minutes showing about the alleged incident. Whitlock is wondering if someone is going to stand up for justice for the Duke 3......The silence is deafening.


Friday, October 13, 2006

Jason Whitlock: The Wire Calls Out Destructive Culture

Whitlock is pointing out that no one is discussing HBO's The Wire in its tell the truth episodes in dealing with drugs, crime, police, education and politics. The producers of the show are telling a story, a good story. Only thing is that the cast and characters resemble someone we all have come in contact with....


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Buck O'Neill

“Nowadays, whenever us Negro leaguers put on the old uniforms for autograph-signings and such, you can just see the years peel away. I’ve seen men lose 50 years in just a few hours. Baseball is better than sex. It is better than music, although I do believe jazz comes in a close second. It does fill you up.” — the late Buck O'Neil (1911-2006), baseball pioneer

That quote was from one of baseball's best ambassadors. Who so loved the game that he promoted it. It's history and the remaining good of the game that allowed for one hack, one so called numbers geek to deny him his rightful place among a handful, and I do mean a handful of baseball's immortals.

When I first saw on ESPN that Mr. O'Neill, "The Real Mr. Baseball" passed on Friday. I, along with my family and friends were pissed. sadden by the passing of a man who lived in baseball's ugliest era..Hell, today I might can argue that baseball is still in it's ugliest era. Mr. O'Neill not only was denied a chance to play the game he loved and cherished, but he kept promoting it despite the paucity of black american players in the game right now. Kept promoting it after being disrespected and snubbed because his numbers were'nt right. Mr. O'Neill may have not played with whites, but baseball, especially the Chicago Cubs, did the right thing by it's players by allowing Mr. O'Neill to become the Majors first black coach in 1962. His lessons and teachings were more evident by the likes of Dusty Baker and Frank Robinson and others that paved a road that seems to be under construction.

On Friday, the world let history fade away without saying the ultimate thank you. Baseball let one of its ambassadors fade away without immortilizing him for all to read and point their fingers and say,

Now, son, right here is a man who loved the game so much that he gave every breath of his being to make sure that the greats, we just read about or see will never be forgotten...that's Buck O'Neill...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

More Black on Black Crime?

The feud between Philedelphia Eagle Quarterback Donavan McNabb and Dallas Cowboy Wide Receiver Terrell Owens was plastered all over CNN SI, ESPN and every sportstalk radio show across the country. Of course allegations that McNabb put his two cents in regard to T.O.'s request for more money from the Eagles and mixed reports that both Owens and McNabb were having an East Coast / West Coast feud over whose ego was bigger. And of course T.O., fired both barrels at McNabb by echoing comments made inside the Eagles locker-room that their All Pro Quarterback ran out of gas and was struggling to get his breath in effort to rally and score a touchdown that could have dethroned the then defending Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots. Compound that with when Owens was asked if he preferred to play with Brett Favre, he smiled and said, "Yes." An obvious diss toward his former quarterback who was nursing a "sports" hernia.

Then word had it that the locker-room was divided along loyalty lines, and team in-fighting occured. T.O. and former defensive end Hugh Douglass got into a scrap, when Douglas came into the locker-room and asked who was faking an injury. Owens took exception and a little scuffle occured. And then we got this from McNabb's father, "What he [Owens] did is like a black on black crime." So there you have it, T.O.'s comments were equivalent to bullets from an AK-47 from a young black male between the age of 17-24 towards another black male.

I hated to disagree with the statement because what Mr. McNabb's son was going through is nothing close to a black on black crime. So imagine my horror when I was listening to the "2 Live Stews" and they were talking about the firing of Jason Whitlock from ESPN and ESPN's Page 2. Apparently Whitlock was fired for comments made to a sports blog in regard to his feelings about certain ESPN personalities. Whitlock, as far as I know, is never short of words and didn't hold back, blasted Mike Lupica after Lupica and other columnist that make up the Sports Reporters on ESPN went ape crap that Whitlock was not part of the "Burn Barry at the Stake" mob. And next Whitlock fired at another columnist, named "Scoop" Jackson. Whitlock took exception to one of Jackson's columns in regard to the disparity of Black editors in our country's sports pages. Jackson said he was speaking at a school and told the kids that they have a better chance of making the NBA than being a sports editors. Whitlock disagreed and said Jackson should have been more responsible with that comment and that Jackson was peddling some type of victimization of our black youth. As a matter of fact, Jackson ended his column by saying the title of his memoirs would be "Surviving As A Raison In A Bowl of Milk."

For a few months, it stayed quiet until Whitlock's interview with the blog. He said Jackson was no Ralph Wiley and that Wiley never "Bojangled" the way Scoop is. That's when the fit hit the shan. Whitlock was fired and took the high road in his criticisms of ESPN.

Scoop on the other hand, went on the 2 Live Stews and said, "What this man did, was a black on black crime." Huh?

Scoop what Whitlock did was, yes, insulting. But don't take his words and equate them to a problem that is plaquing our black communities in this country. Scoop, through the grace of God you were able to read those comments, react and go on about your business. What victims of a black on black crime get is the horror, pain and eventual death. Life ends!

What Whitlock did can be discussed over a beer and ribs, since J-Whit is in Kansas City. What the person who actually commits the black on black crime gets is either life in prison cell and eventually the death penalty. Life ends!

So this is what happens when one black man criticizes another...he's charged of commiting a black on black crime?


Gregory Kane

Source: Black America Web:

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Was Former Commerce Secretary Ron Brown Murdered?

Conspiracy Theory:

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The attached Los Angeles Times story is about Lance Cpl. Chris Adlesperger, USMC.....

I salute...,0,7847525,full.story?coll=la-home-headlines


The attached Los Angeles Times story is about Lance Cpl. Chris Adlesperger, USMC.....

I salute...,0,7847525,full.story?coll=la-home-headlines