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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Democratic Debate: Laying Ass or Lying Asses

Democratic Debate: Laying ass or Lying asses:
Obama v. Clinton, Cleveland, Ohio

Source: Fact Check (

Cleveland Clinkers
February 27, 2008
Clinton and Obama hit sour notes in the Cleveland debate.
The Clinton-Obama showdown debate in Cleveland produced several false, twisted or dubious claims, most of which we’ve heard and debunked before.

Both Obama and Clinton claimed their health care plans would cut costs more than the other’s, and that experts back them up on that. But experts we talked to said the plans are too similar to predict which would save more, and two experts said neither plan can save nearly as much as the candidates claim.
Both Obama and Clinton twisted the other’s words about support for the North American Free Trade Agreement, again. In fact, the candidates have practically identical positions. They both said during the debate that they would threaten to withdraw from NAFTA unless Mexico and Canada agree to new and tougher terms.
Clinton said Obama once "basically threatened to bomb Pakistan," a distortion of his statement that he'd unilaterally "take out" al Qaeda leadership there if Pakistan wouldn't act. And that's just what the U.S. did earlier this month, according to news reports quoting official sources.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

RF23 - No Longer The Greatest...

This will be my second criticism of Muhammad Ali in a long while and I think this one will concrete my first one in regard to the former world heavyweight champion. Like most people my age and older, they grew up watching or saw this man rise from Louisville, Kentucky to stardom and probably the greatest champion/athlete of all time. It's evident because like Jerry West is the emblem of the NBA, Ali is the emblem of ESPN's Classic channel.

I have no problem with that...As a fighter and self promoter, there was no one greater than Ali..

Then again...

I can't recall anyone that's not in professional wrestling being so controversial in promoting.

Ali was.

I'm going to be straight: I was angry and above all disgusted at what Ali did to Joe Frazier, Frazier's family and for this measure the country. He split the country and above all insulted and degraded Joe Frazier by calling him a gorilla and an Uncle Tom. This was after Frazier, on the side, while Ali was down for not answering his country's call for service by not entering the Vietnam War, was supporting Ali financially.

HBO's documentary on this opened my eyes to the one they call the greatest and I knocked him down a peg to well, he was one of the greats.

Well after yet another HBO documentary on Joe Louis, Ali just dropped two more steps to a fighter who danced to his own drum. I can't let his insult of Frazier go, nor can I tell how angry I was for his little quote on the documentary in calling Joe Louis a "Tom."

Enough is enough..

Joe Louis, along with other black fighters who paved a way for Ali to be even called champion, make the money he was able to make and be conned by Don King, was insulted by a loud mouth kid named Cassius.

I get that during the comment, Ali, along with other superstar athletes were taking a stand for civil rights during that time, but to insult and criticize men and women who had to put up with all the bullshit of being called nigger, spook or jiggaboo or asked to turn around by foreign women so they can see their tails is not only ignorant but they're guilty of what some liberal blacks say about blacks who don't agree with their politics or social stances...

"Forgot where they came from and how they got there."

You can't imagine my anger, when I saw a man who befriended and kept the religion of anti Semitism talk about a man who had to grin on cue, act on cue, not show emotion or celebrate after a victory over a white man, volunteer to fight in a war where the country he comes from won't let him sit in a diner, sit anywhere on a bus, get equal education, get paying jobs, denied the right to vote via intimidation or lyching and a helluva lot more denials a country where freedom and equal rights were promised...Yeah Ali lived in that era, but that era was ending and the country changed. It changed too late for Louis, but it changed at the right time for Ali, where his purses could have paid off Louis' tax debt...

It changed enough for Ali to be given forum after forum to discuss issues that Louis could only dream about.

So this is where I'm at, disdain for a man some called the greatest. And after seeing the documentary, the title was correct...

Joe Louis is and was an American hero and he was betrayed.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

RF23 - Democrats have time to quit being O-bama-boozled..

Democrats have time to quit being O-bama-boozled...

Okay enough is enough! to quote a former Los Angeles radio weather/traffic guy, "Wake up People!". It's time to quit being O-bama-Boozled!

Check this out, if Hillary wants to win this thing heads up, without allegedly trying to woo delegates of states that she lost in or hoping that the super delegates go against the will of the people of their states, but heads up! womano to mano, she needs to do what she said yesterday.

Let folks in on the Obama rope a dope. Slap voters in the head by telling them that he's a snake oil sales man with no plan or cure to do nothing but more damage to the perceived damage you are running your campaign on.

Let folks know that yeah, the man can speak, he's eloquent and he's got rhyme and rhythm, but he's a rapper using yo' momma and daddy's jams to spit his form of expression. He has to pay royalty fees cause he can't make his own music, he can't play an instrument and he needs writers to tell 'em what to say and how to say it.

He ain't Tupac Shakur and he's no Jesse Jackson.

He shouldn't be able to move you with innuedo and pipe dreams.

Democratic voters ain't some blond hair teenage girl who ranaway from Small Town USA looking for big dreams in the big city, only to be turned out and pimped out.

Some democratic supporters still need substance and something concrete, not abstract and although faith is always good, but doing goes a long way.

If I'm Hillary with two more debates, win or lose, monkey wrenches should be the tool of the day. There is no way, in back to back presidential election years, that a man with no plan but talks like a New Orleans Pimp, should win anything. And folks over the age of 35 who have been turned out by this snake oil sales man.....

Should be ashamed.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Undercover Prejudice: Perfecting Hatred

LZ Granderson: Harrowing incident a troubling reminder of homophobia
ESPN Page 2

Remarks: uhh, I would usually let this go but I can't due to a story that came out last week. The story is tragic and the more I think about it, it should not have happened. Last week a 15 year old boy, was shot and killed by another boy, apparently because he was different, perceived to be gay, cause he wore girls clothing and high heel shoes. The other kid apparently offended and sickened by this different boy is now a murderer and basically his life and freedom is over.

Last week and over the weekend, I watched an episode of "Homicide" and it was about a man who shot a killed a boy, who mistook his house for a party. The boy was foreign so he spoke no English and was drunk. Unable to communicate with each other and the boy fired up to party the man took his gun and shot him. Now based off that you can say okay, I get that, a strange boy wearing "Kiss" make up is hoopin' and hollerin' outside your door and you're got a family. But there was a twist, the man had a history of violence towards foreigners, held a grudge against asians cause his brother was killed in Vietnam.

He was prejudiced and filled with hate because of what his parent, most notably his father said around the house, in the house. But he had a different kind of hate and prejudice, his kind of prejudice is the most dangerous of all, because this person can integrate and hang out with other minorities and act like everything is cool, when inside, he can't stand you, he hates your culture! he hates your color and feels he's above you, meanwhile all of this while smiling in your face.

Unfortunately, some of us, including me is this person. For whatever reason, we've perfected our bigotry and at the same time able to smile and shake hands with the person or persons we hate.

A 15 year old boy didn't have to die, cause he was different and the boy who is responsible for his death, life should not be over cause he heard his parent call someone a faggot or fag or say nigger or honky....Or whatever racial ephitents we use. It shouldn't equate to death or being locked up...

But we know it has in the past

LZ Granderson article:

NEW ORLEANS -- When the eight to 10 guys surrounded me, I knew I was going to get hurt.

When the first one pushed me in the back, I remember thinking I was going to die.

After a second shove, I had no thoughts at all -- only fear.

This is how I spent a portion of my Saturday night during NBA All-Star Weekend -- being gay bashed because the size large T-shirt I was wearing wasn't large enough for someone else's comfort.

As I walked by the group of men -- on my way to the Playboy party, no less -- one of them called me a faggot. Then another joined in. They followed me for a while, continuing to hurl names at me. I tried to ignore it but eventually the "Detroit" came out of me and I turned around and said some things I probably shouldn't have. Next thing I know I'm surrounded and wondering if I'm going to see the dawn and if not for a pair of New Orleans policemen who saw trouble brewing and yelled at the group to break it up, I might not have.

I tried to keep my emotions level and even made an attempt to go on to the party, but I couldn't. I went to a bar on Bourbon Street, had a couple of drinks, walked back to my hotel and allowed one tear to fall as I turned to Claude McKay's "If We Must Die" for peace:

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Black History: Sammy Davis, Jr. "Mr. Bojangles"





















Click or paste on link to play song:,+Jr./_/Mr.+Bojangles

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pregnant and Single? Are You a Catholic School Teacher?

Pregnant and Single Catholic Teacher Loses JobAP News

(AP) A former Catholic school teacher in Minnesota is lobbying to get her job back after she says she was forced to resign because she's pregnant and single.

Emily, who doesn't want her last name to be made public, says she's coming forward to help all women who may be in her situation.

"I just don't want it to happen to anyone else. I feel it was an unjust act. I don't feel that anybody deserves to be treated in the way that I was," says Emily.

She'd been teaching 5th grade at a Wabasha, Minnesota school for about a year before she became pregnant. The 23 year old says the principal had been supportive, but later called her into the office were he and a priest asked her to resign. She felt there was nothing else that she could say.

She says she knows the church frowns on people in her condition, but she says it also could use this as an opportunity to show its compassion.

"I think that it's an example for the children that I can be forgiven, and that God forgives everyone for the things they have done wrong," states Emily.

School officials say they can't comment on a personnel issue.

Whoa wait a minute, this has happened before with a different teacher....

Queens Catholic School Hates Single, Pregnant Teachers - 11/22/2005

The NYCLU is getting involved with the case of Michelle McCusker, who was fired from her Catholic school teaching job for being pregnant while unmarried. St. Rose of Lima School in Rockaway says that McCusker violated the "tenets of Catholic morality" (the principal wrote, "When a situation becomes evident that a teacher's life can not [sic] witness what the Catholic Church teaches, then termination of contract must occur"); the NYCLU is claiming gender discrimination, asking how the Catholic school would investigate a male teacher for impregnating a woman not his wife. McCusker is taking the "what else was I supposed to do route?" by saying:

"I don't understand how a religion that prides itself on being forgiving could terminate me because I am unmarried and choose to have a baby...If I decided to abort the baby, the decision to fire me would not have been made because they would not have known."
Which is totally true! McCusker was pregnant when she was hired in September, but only told her principal after the first trimester. The Daily News points out that when an unmarried employee for a Catholic charity in Buffalo was demoted for being pregnant, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission "found that the charity violated anti-discrimination laws."

If the school or church gets any sort of federal funding, we'd imagine that the NYCLU and McCusker have a case, but with our straight-from-the-TV legal knowledge, it seems like the school could argue that McCusker lied when taking the job, since she apparently agreed to the school's handbook. Then again, if a bunch of liberal parents get upset about this, and the church wants to show, oh, say, forgiveness and compassion, then it'll fold and welcome McCusker back. Or at least give her and her baby a settlement.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Quotable: Rush Limbaugh

"It's too soon, ladies and gentlemen, because until we see those legs protruding from underneath the house, you can't say that Hillary is dead."

On thinking that Hillary is done...

RF23 - After DNC Primaries, and Obama Nomination. Democrats will vote for McCain

RF23 - After DNC Primaries, and Obama Nomination. Democrats will vote for McCain

You could imagine my shock when I was told by a democrat supporter that if, and I corrected them, "that when" Obama wins his party's nomination to represent the democratic party's bid for the White House, that she, will vote for McCain.

Now, let me give more information on the person saying this:

1. She's a woman

2. She's Black American

3. She's a staunch Bush and Republican hater...

Now the latter will describe a good majority of democrats and far left wing non-progressors, but what made her statement strange is that she's not alone.

They'll support his nomination over Clinton, but then the bus stops.


Well for Black voters, they continue to want to insert themselves in other folk's life. Two weeks ago, Blacks were offended for Tiger Woods, when a golf channel host said something to the fact that Tiger should be lynched. Black and Whites were offended for Tiger after Tiger said it was a dead issue. And now, most Blacks won't vote for Obama because they're afraid he's gonna get killed.

So after being insulted by the former president, that Blacks are voting for Obama because he's black and clinton wasn't that far off, because I've heard blacks say that was the reason. But not to give clinton a way out, these individuals were willing to dismiss the issues and their concerns, for history and seeing it through.

To a point.

Apparently, the day after accepting his party's nomination at the democratic convention, will we see the Obama-mania end. Why? fear he'll be killed.

I dunno, I get the hysteria of a candidate who is doing his best John "I have a plan - huh, I said I have a plan, what? I have a plan. Next question" Kerry impersonation. Obama has not outlined his plans for anything as of yet, we heard Hillary's and we all agree that her plans is similiar to Obama's.

Well according to Obama's people, Hillary is echoeing his plans. Only problem, we haven't heard him say it nor answer questions for anything such as his connection to Kenya's problem and his relation to the opposition leader, Obinga.

So after miles and miles of campaigning, days of poppin' throat lozenges and long nights. Obama's run will end because of fear. And John McCain will win the nod with a caveat and excuse from black folk:

"Told you there was no way, they was going to elect a black president, this country is still prejudiced!"

While White Obama supporters should be rightfully pissed, they got on the bus, took seats in the back and what did black folk do or are saying:

"Ay whitey, get your ass up and in the front!"

Look the notion of Obama being killed because he's black and president is a disservice to him and to his opponent. Folks going around saying that should be ashamed. And besides if it does happen, God forbid, I guess we'll have to wait another 40 odd years for a new generation bridge.

Quite frankly, both sides of each party needs young blood like Obama to escort our parent's generation to the sidelines. It's our turn and if McCain is the man for the job, it's a step back and a delay of ridding baby boomer rule.

Monday, February 11, 2008

RF23 - No...He's an idiot...

You know I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and second and third chances, but damn! I tried to give Kanye West the same doubt, a second chance, since I was vibing with one of his raps on his newest cds and his mom died from mysterious reasons last year. So I was willing to give the guy a chance.

Never mind.

My first inclination to continue to think he's a moron and in effect.

No longer an inclination.

I briefly, and I mean briefly caught the grammys on Sunday and they were announcing the rap album of the year, or whatever, well anyway, Moron West won and he goes up there with the words MAMA cut into his head and he gives his acceptance speech.

Now, as long as I can remember, these things are timed and have been for awhile, so you have a few minutes to give thanks to everyone and thing in your life and as Bernie Mac said, Get yo' ass off stage! Not Moron West...dude gets up there and points out that he's going to do another CD, cause he disagreed that hip hop is dead, cause Nas rapped that and [West] said something to the effect that some other rapper like him deserves to be up there to win, but not that night cause he deserved to be up there and then comes the music. He hadn't mentioned his mom yet, and he looks at the producer and says, "Ya'll going to play the music?!" Yeah that's your last cue that it's time to wrap it up, end your bullshit spewl, turn to the right [stage right] and walk your ass off the stage.


I can't tell what all happened, but from reports, he continued talking, faking a breakdown or whatever.


Song of the Week/Month/Whenever....

Artist: Angie Stone
Album: Mahogany Soul
Title: Pissed Off

Uh, yeah, try to be cool
Tired, feeling all that, you know what i'm sayin'?
Positive, you know what i'm sayin'?
Check it

1 - so pissed off
Lookin' at life through the glass that you
Little shit like love doesn't matter anymore baby,
Nigga, you so ticked off
Can't let up long enough to get over it
Brotha can i live, can a sister live
God damn

Repeat 1

I tried to find a tree where we could lay happily
In the shade, gradually there were things revealed
To me
I can't even hold down a job, tryna follow up and
Behind me
You're over-protective and you're jealous
Change when you're around the fellows
Every man i speak to, something's goin' on
Look at you, look at you, running around like a damn
So busy accusing me, when it's your insecurity

Repeat 1

You need an inner appeal so your anger just relieve
I never meant to cause you pain
But it was there before i came
Makin' crazy accusations, tracing all of my
For reactin', got me packin' tryna get out before you
Get back in
Look at me, look at me, i can't allow you to live
Rent free
In my heart or in my head, can't let you back in my

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

Baby, what's wrong with you
What's got you so pissed off
Can't get along with you
Love, i got to move on
My love, gotta get him outta my life
Can't let you go on with it
Now cuz you pissin' me off
I don't wanna be stressed out
I don't wanna be stressed out
My life, back in my life

LZ Granderson: Trying to define Craig Hodges

LZ Granderson: Trying to define Craig Hodges

Expert (adj): having special knowledge of or skill in a subject

If you scan the stats of the Los Angeles Lakers, you will find six players who are currently hitting 3-pointers at a clip several percentage points higher than their career averages.

Part of this has to do with the maturation of Andrew Bynum and the sudden need to double him on the blocks, thus freeing L.A.'s shooters.

But a lot of credit should be given to the team's resident expert, assistant coach Craig Hodges.

Only two players have ever won three consecutive 3-point shooting contests during NBA All Star weekend -- Larry Bird and Hodges. A two-time regular-season 3-point champ, Hodges' chance for a fourth straight All-Star victory was derailed when the Chicago Bulls cut him after the 1992 season and he wasn't signed by another team. Actually, he wasn't even invited to camp for any of the remaining 26 teams, either. Barely 32 and still peppered with confetti from the championship parade, Hodges not only was out of the league as a player but also was unable to find any NBA job until Phil Jackson hired him as a shooting coach in 2005.

"I went from making $600,000 a year to making nothing," Hodges said. "No one would take my calls, no one would give me a chance. I went from helping a team win it all, to all of a sudden not being good enough to play for the worst team in the league.

"Do I think the league had it out for me? You tell me."

To read More:

Response: Is this a "so what" story or what? what is the freaking point? Hodges goes to the White House, sportin' a disheiki and a letter to President George HW Bush. Add to that, his support for Louis Farrakhan. And dude is asking why no one wants him around. Look, I'm not putting down his freedom to express himself or choice of religion but he should understand, if no teams wants his service. Let alone, Hodges being a defensive liability and only needed to shoot three's. Come On!

Look Granderson is better than that, and I think it's a reach to look for something that ain't there.

Jason Whitlock on Roger Clemons

Jason Whitlock: Clemons fighting to save his butt...kissers.

If Roger Clemens is lying - which I tend to believe he is - then his major crime is being unable to imagine a life worth living without constant, pervasive fan adulation.

Seriously, if the guy isn't telling the truth, all he's really fighting for is the right to show up in any restaurant in America and get a table without waiting, a round of drinks on the house and some groupie telling him he's the greatest.

He's a crackhead, a celebrity addicted to human lips resting on the crack of his/her rear end.

And, as we know, crackheads do dumb stuff, like spend a week in the nation's capital whining and dining lying politicians, begging them to believe that the game's greatest pitcher took B-12 shots in the butt, not steroids.

No one, and I mean no one, lies more frequently and boldly than a crackhead in search of his next hit/kiss of the rear.

It took video evidence to get former Washington, D.C., mayor Marion Barry to admit he hit the pipe and 14,000 text messages for Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to acknowledge he hit his fine-ass chief of staff. And you think Roger "Pookie" Clemens is going to crack because Brian McNamee has a couple of pictures, a few dirty syringes and blood-stained gauze? Hell, Monica Lewinsky had the president's happy ending splattered on her favorite Sunday dress and Clinton never copped.

To read more:

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Black History Amnesia: The Unknown History of Civil Rights

Black History Amnesia

Wynton Hall: The Unknown History of Civil Rights

Black History Month is about informing citizens of the hurdles and heroes of America’s climb toward civil rights and equality. How interesting, then, that so many race-related political myths continue to be perpetuated by Democrats who know better.

Consider the recent fracas over Senator Hillary Clinton’s contention that President Lyndon Johnson was the driving force behind the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. As any fair examination of history reveals, a large share of the legislative credit for the bill’s passage must go to that other senator from Illinois—Republican Minority Leader Everett Dirksen.

Just look at the historical record. As Lyndon Johnson told Hubert Humphrey: "Now you know that bill can't pass unless you get Ev[erett] Dirksen.”

Indeed, LBJ biographer Robert Caro notes that prior to 1957, Johnson “had never supported civil rights legislation—any civil rights legislation,” including anti-lynching legislation. His private behavior toward blacks was appalling. Robert Parker, LBJ’s longtime black employee and limousine chauffeur, claims that Johsnon blasted him daily with a blizzard of bigoted slurs. And even as LBJ was being praised by liberals for his appointment of Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court, behind closed doors LBJ’s cynical brand of “identity politics” became clear. As presidential historian Robert Dallek recounts, LBJ explained his decision to a staff member by saying, “"Son, when I appoint a nig—r to the court, I want everyone to know he's a nig—r."

NY Times, "On the way with LBJ,"

Sen. Dirksen's cloture vote speech:

Roy Wilken's 6/12/64 Letter to Sen. Dirksen (R-IL):

Friday, February 01, 2008

Andrew Klavan: The Lost Art of War

The Lost Art of War
Andrew Klavan
City Journal

Hollywood’s anti-American war films don’t measure up to the glories of its patriotic era.

Hollywood has gone back to war. And this time, it’s appalling. All autumn long, the film industry released movies about America’s battle against global jihad. With one exception—the competent actioner The Kingdom—each of these movies distorted an urgent, ongoing historical enterprise through the lens of a filmmaker’s unthinking leftism. Redacted, Rendition, In the Valley of Elah, and Lions for Lambs characterize our soldiers and government agents as rapists, madmen, murderers, torturers of the innocent, or simply victims caught up in a venal and bloodthirsty American foreign policy. All this at the very moment when our real-life soldiers and agents are risking, and sometimes losing, their lives fighting the most hateful and cancerous worldview since Nazism.

But I guess that’s showbiz.

Needless to say, it wasn’t always thus. During World War II, Hollywood stars like James Stewart and directors like Frank Capra enlisted in the military to combat dictators as willingly as Sean Penn and Michael Moore now tootle down to Venezuela and Cuba to embrace them. More to the point, yesteryear’s studio heads—many of them conservative Republicans—worked in cooperation with a Democratic administration to produce top-notch entertainment supporting the war effort. The result was not only rousing combat tales like 1943’s Sahara, Bataan, and Action in the North Atlantic—all still watchable today—but also some of the finest motion pictures ever made: 1942’s Casablanca and Mrs. Miniver, for instance, and the terrific yet all-but-forgotten They Were Expendable (1945). It was one of the film industry’s finest hours.

To read more - paste or click on link:

After learning what 'blood drops' are, Don't be surprised if you support force..

Gregory Kane
Baltimore Sun/Blackamericaweb

After learning what 'blood drops' are, Don't be surprised if you support force...

Do you know what a blood drop is?

I thought I did. I assumed, probably as do many of you, that it’s simply a drop of blood. That was before I watched a History Channel program called “Gangland,” a documentary show that reports on America’s various gangs.

A recent episode called “Blood Oath” was about the growth of the Bloods gang on the East coast, especially in the New York City/northern New Jersey area. In one scene, some very pregnant “Bloodettes” proudly boasted about how they would soon deliver “blood drops” -- a newborn child of a Blood and Bloodette.

Excuse me? Am I the only one who sees something terribly wrong with that? It’s troublesome enough that Bloods and other gangs in America even exist. But now their members are breeding?

I realize I’m krump dancing in an extremely explosive mine field by even broaching this topic, one that most Americans -- of all races -- don’t even think about, much less say out loud. But from time to time I pose precisely this question to students in a writing class I teach at Johns Hopkins University.

Is forced sterilization ever justified?

To read more - paste or click on link:

Detroit Mayor Pleads for Forgiveness....

Detroit Mayor Pleads for Forgiveness.....Wife should have taken a page from Hillary and blamed some right wing conspiracy for tripping and or pulling the rug from under his feet, which caused his, you know what, to penetrate his aide's you know what....

Once again, the charges he'll probably face, is LYING under oath!! for getting some side pooh nanny, not for doing the shimmy sham, shimmy hot damn with his aide!!

Remember the days, when we guys used to lie about getting some, but now if we get into some elected office and get some other lovin' from someone who ain't your wife and all of sudden we lie about gettin' some!!

Anyway here's the story...

DETROIT - (AP) Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick pleaded for forgiveness from his wife and constituents Wednesday in an emotional but carefully worded televised speech, avoiding direct mention of racy text messages that appear to contradict his sworn denials of an affair with a top aide.

"I truly apologize to you," Kilpatrick said, turning to his wife, Carlita, who sat by his side, holding his hand, at their family church.

"I am the mayor. I made the mistake," Kilpatrick told Detroit residents, looking into the camera. "I am accountable."

He did not publicly specify what he was apologizing for, saying legal matters prevented him from doing so.

A prosecutor is investigating whether the mayor and chief of staff Christine Beatty lied under oath during a whistle-blower's lawsuit last summer in which both denied having a physical relationship. A conviction of lying under oath can bring up to 15 years' imprisonment.

Kilpatrick vowed to remain mayor in the carefully orchestrated speech, which aired live in prime time on local television and radio stations. His voice cracked at least once during his apology, and he and his wife held hands at times while detailing how the events had affected their family.

To read more: