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Monday, February 11, 2008

Jason Whitlock on Roger Clemons

Jason Whitlock: Clemons fighting to save his butt...kissers.

If Roger Clemens is lying - which I tend to believe he is - then his major crime is being unable to imagine a life worth living without constant, pervasive fan adulation.

Seriously, if the guy isn't telling the truth, all he's really fighting for is the right to show up in any restaurant in America and get a table without waiting, a round of drinks on the house and some groupie telling him he's the greatest.

He's a crackhead, a celebrity addicted to human lips resting on the crack of his/her rear end.

And, as we know, crackheads do dumb stuff, like spend a week in the nation's capital whining and dining lying politicians, begging them to believe that the game's greatest pitcher took B-12 shots in the butt, not steroids.

No one, and I mean no one, lies more frequently and boldly than a crackhead in search of his next hit/kiss of the rear.

It took video evidence to get former Washington, D.C., mayor Marion Barry to admit he hit the pipe and 14,000 text messages for Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to acknowledge he hit his fine-ass chief of staff. And you think Roger "Pookie" Clemens is going to crack because Brian McNamee has a couple of pictures, a few dirty syringes and blood-stained gauze? Hell, Monica Lewinsky had the president's happy ending splattered on her favorite Sunday dress and Clinton never copped.

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