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Friday, February 01, 2008

After learning what 'blood drops' are, Don't be surprised if you support force..

Gregory Kane
Baltimore Sun/Blackamericaweb

After learning what 'blood drops' are, Don't be surprised if you support force...

Do you know what a blood drop is?

I thought I did. I assumed, probably as do many of you, that it’s simply a drop of blood. That was before I watched a History Channel program called “Gangland,” a documentary show that reports on America’s various gangs.

A recent episode called “Blood Oath” was about the growth of the Bloods gang on the East coast, especially in the New York City/northern New Jersey area. In one scene, some very pregnant “Bloodettes” proudly boasted about how they would soon deliver “blood drops” -- a newborn child of a Blood and Bloodette.

Excuse me? Am I the only one who sees something terribly wrong with that? It’s troublesome enough that Bloods and other gangs in America even exist. But now their members are breeding?

I realize I’m krump dancing in an extremely explosive mine field by even broaching this topic, one that most Americans -- of all races -- don’t even think about, much less say out loud. But from time to time I pose precisely this question to students in a writing class I teach at Johns Hopkins University.

Is forced sterilization ever justified?

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