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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

RF23 - Democrats have time to quit being O-bama-boozled..

Democrats have time to quit being O-bama-boozled...

Okay enough is enough! to quote a former Los Angeles radio weather/traffic guy, "Wake up People!". It's time to quit being O-bama-Boozled!

Check this out, if Hillary wants to win this thing heads up, without allegedly trying to woo delegates of states that she lost in or hoping that the super delegates go against the will of the people of their states, but heads up! womano to mano, she needs to do what she said yesterday.

Let folks in on the Obama rope a dope. Slap voters in the head by telling them that he's a snake oil sales man with no plan or cure to do nothing but more damage to the perceived damage you are running your campaign on.

Let folks know that yeah, the man can speak, he's eloquent and he's got rhyme and rhythm, but he's a rapper using yo' momma and daddy's jams to spit his form of expression. He has to pay royalty fees cause he can't make his own music, he can't play an instrument and he needs writers to tell 'em what to say and how to say it.

He ain't Tupac Shakur and he's no Jesse Jackson.

He shouldn't be able to move you with innuedo and pipe dreams.

Democratic voters ain't some blond hair teenage girl who ranaway from Small Town USA looking for big dreams in the big city, only to be turned out and pimped out.

Some democratic supporters still need substance and something concrete, not abstract and although faith is always good, but doing goes a long way.

If I'm Hillary with two more debates, win or lose, monkey wrenches should be the tool of the day. There is no way, in back to back presidential election years, that a man with no plan but talks like a New Orleans Pimp, should win anything. And folks over the age of 35 who have been turned out by this snake oil sales man.....

Should be ashamed.

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