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Monday, February 11, 2008

RF23 - No...He's an idiot...

You know I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and second and third chances, but damn! I tried to give Kanye West the same doubt, a second chance, since I was vibing with one of his raps on his newest cds and his mom died from mysterious reasons last year. So I was willing to give the guy a chance.

Never mind.

My first inclination to continue to think he's a moron and in effect.

No longer an inclination.

I briefly, and I mean briefly caught the grammys on Sunday and they were announcing the rap album of the year, or whatever, well anyway, Moron West won and he goes up there with the words MAMA cut into his head and he gives his acceptance speech.

Now, as long as I can remember, these things are timed and have been for awhile, so you have a few minutes to give thanks to everyone and thing in your life and as Bernie Mac said, Get yo' ass off stage! Not Moron West...dude gets up there and points out that he's going to do another CD, cause he disagreed that hip hop is dead, cause Nas rapped that and [West] said something to the effect that some other rapper like him deserves to be up there to win, but not that night cause he deserved to be up there and then comes the music. He hadn't mentioned his mom yet, and he looks at the producer and says, "Ya'll going to play the music?!" Yeah that's your last cue that it's time to wrap it up, end your bullshit spewl, turn to the right [stage right] and walk your ass off the stage.


I can't tell what all happened, but from reports, he continued talking, faking a breakdown or whatever.


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