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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

RF23 - After DNC Primaries, and Obama Nomination. Democrats will vote for McCain

RF23 - After DNC Primaries, and Obama Nomination. Democrats will vote for McCain

You could imagine my shock when I was told by a democrat supporter that if, and I corrected them, "that when" Obama wins his party's nomination to represent the democratic party's bid for the White House, that she, will vote for McCain.

Now, let me give more information on the person saying this:

1. She's a woman

2. She's Black American

3. She's a staunch Bush and Republican hater...

Now the latter will describe a good majority of democrats and far left wing non-progressors, but what made her statement strange is that she's not alone.

They'll support his nomination over Clinton, but then the bus stops.


Well for Black voters, they continue to want to insert themselves in other folk's life. Two weeks ago, Blacks were offended for Tiger Woods, when a golf channel host said something to the fact that Tiger should be lynched. Black and Whites were offended for Tiger after Tiger said it was a dead issue. And now, most Blacks won't vote for Obama because they're afraid he's gonna get killed.

So after being insulted by the former president, that Blacks are voting for Obama because he's black and clinton wasn't that far off, because I've heard blacks say that was the reason. But not to give clinton a way out, these individuals were willing to dismiss the issues and their concerns, for history and seeing it through.

To a point.

Apparently, the day after accepting his party's nomination at the democratic convention, will we see the Obama-mania end. Why? fear he'll be killed.

I dunno, I get the hysteria of a candidate who is doing his best John "I have a plan - huh, I said I have a plan, what? I have a plan. Next question" Kerry impersonation. Obama has not outlined his plans for anything as of yet, we heard Hillary's and we all agree that her plans is similiar to Obama's.

Well according to Obama's people, Hillary is echoeing his plans. Only problem, we haven't heard him say it nor answer questions for anything such as his connection to Kenya's problem and his relation to the opposition leader, Obinga.

So after miles and miles of campaigning, days of poppin' throat lozenges and long nights. Obama's run will end because of fear. And John McCain will win the nod with a caveat and excuse from black folk:

"Told you there was no way, they was going to elect a black president, this country is still prejudiced!"

While White Obama supporters should be rightfully pissed, they got on the bus, took seats in the back and what did black folk do or are saying:

"Ay whitey, get your ass up and in the front!"

Look the notion of Obama being killed because he's black and president is a disservice to him and to his opponent. Folks going around saying that should be ashamed. And besides if it does happen, God forbid, I guess we'll have to wait another 40 odd years for a new generation bridge.

Quite frankly, both sides of each party needs young blood like Obama to escort our parent's generation to the sidelines. It's our turn and if McCain is the man for the job, it's a step back and a delay of ridding baby boomer rule.

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