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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Undercover Prejudice: Perfecting Hatred

LZ Granderson: Harrowing incident a troubling reminder of homophobia
ESPN Page 2

Remarks: uhh, I would usually let this go but I can't due to a story that came out last week. The story is tragic and the more I think about it, it should not have happened. Last week a 15 year old boy, was shot and killed by another boy, apparently because he was different, perceived to be gay, cause he wore girls clothing and high heel shoes. The other kid apparently offended and sickened by this different boy is now a murderer and basically his life and freedom is over.

Last week and over the weekend, I watched an episode of "Homicide" and it was about a man who shot a killed a boy, who mistook his house for a party. The boy was foreign so he spoke no English and was drunk. Unable to communicate with each other and the boy fired up to party the man took his gun and shot him. Now based off that you can say okay, I get that, a strange boy wearing "Kiss" make up is hoopin' and hollerin' outside your door and you're got a family. But there was a twist, the man had a history of violence towards foreigners, held a grudge against asians cause his brother was killed in Vietnam.

He was prejudiced and filled with hate because of what his parent, most notably his father said around the house, in the house. But he had a different kind of hate and prejudice, his kind of prejudice is the most dangerous of all, because this person can integrate and hang out with other minorities and act like everything is cool, when inside, he can't stand you, he hates your culture! he hates your color and feels he's above you, meanwhile all of this while smiling in your face.

Unfortunately, some of us, including me is this person. For whatever reason, we've perfected our bigotry and at the same time able to smile and shake hands with the person or persons we hate.

A 15 year old boy didn't have to die, cause he was different and the boy who is responsible for his death, life should not be over cause he heard his parent call someone a faggot or fag or say nigger or honky....Or whatever racial ephitents we use. It shouldn't equate to death or being locked up...

But we know it has in the past

LZ Granderson article:

NEW ORLEANS -- When the eight to 10 guys surrounded me, I knew I was going to get hurt.

When the first one pushed me in the back, I remember thinking I was going to die.

After a second shove, I had no thoughts at all -- only fear.

This is how I spent a portion of my Saturday night during NBA All-Star Weekend -- being gay bashed because the size large T-shirt I was wearing wasn't large enough for someone else's comfort.

As I walked by the group of men -- on my way to the Playboy party, no less -- one of them called me a faggot. Then another joined in. They followed me for a while, continuing to hurl names at me. I tried to ignore it but eventually the "Detroit" came out of me and I turned around and said some things I probably shouldn't have. Next thing I know I'm surrounded and wondering if I'm going to see the dawn and if not for a pair of New Orleans policemen who saw trouble brewing and yelled at the group to break it up, I might not have.

I tried to keep my emotions level and even made an attempt to go on to the party, but I couldn't. I went to a bar on Bourbon Street, had a couple of drinks, walked back to my hotel and allowed one tear to fall as I turned to Claude McKay's "If We Must Die" for peace:

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