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Thursday, August 23, 2012

RF23 - How Much Is Your Name Worth?

RF23 – How Much Is Your Name Worth?

Breaking news tonight, was that cyclist, Lance Armstrong, had opted to not challenge USADA for doping allegations.   This is on the heels after an United States District Court Judge dismissed Armstrong’s suit to demand that the USADA dropped it’s doping allegations against him.

Got it? 

Okay, lets tackle how we got to this point with a man, the world, the United States and cancer patients all over called….

A hero.

We all know the story, Armstrong battled testicular cancer only to win the Tour De France, seven times, the same Tour De France, that produces more PED users per annual race.  A sport that everyone knows that there is a chance that everyone is doping to get an edge, so if the sport is dirty, why would we assume that Armstrong is clean.  And why does he get the benefit of the doubt? This evening on my drive home, the news broke out that Armstrong decided to drop his fight againt USADA and right off the back the paid sports opinion givers, asked for evidence and called everyone who testified that Armstrong was and is a cheat, liars.

I’m sorry, but frauds are frauds.  And if the media can blast Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons for alleged steroid use and not give them the benefit of the doubt.  I can’t do the same for Armstrong.  I refuse to do the same. 

So how much is Armstrong’s name worth to him?  If the allegations are false..


I would go effin’ broke to preserve my name.  Let me ask, how many times has Armstrong sued any of his accusers for defamation?  Zero!

Each time, Armstrong responded or refused to respond to ridicules accusations and each time, each accuser added wood to a soon to be fire.   Well the fire has started and Armstrong’s legacy

Is now a smoldering heap

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