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Thursday, July 19, 2012

RF23 - Legacy Gone

RF23 - Legacy Gone

The Penn State Story is not going away and although degrees away from the crimes committed in WWII Germany, what happened on the Penn State campus will live with that school forever.  Unlike Marshall University, where there was a movie about that courageous football team that played with heavy hearts after it lost nearly all of its team members in a plane crash on November 14, 1970, there will be no movie for Penn State.  
What would it serve?  a reminder?  A reminder of courage of one victim, to inspire others to come forward to publicize the monster, that is jerry Sandusky?    A reminder of a serious lapse in moral courage in a man, who, in my opinion only thought of himself and his legacy to sweep the crimes that was going on, on his campus, in his locker room and in the name of Penn State football for over ten years under the Nittany Lion rug.

I got a question, and I may have asked this before, but where are the protestors?!  Where are the people who lined up to jeer, Michael Vick?  After he paid for his crimes involving dog fighting and cruelty to animal charges?  Where are they?  They didn’t protest at Penn State’s last bowl game and after a brief search on the internet, there are no reports of any protests of any kind directed at Paterno or Penn State University.  This is the kind of stuff that keeps the Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson’s of the world relevant, why?  Because of the double standard of advocacy groups that protest the adultery of a golfer (which was none of anyone’s business) and someone involved in dog fighting and cruelty.  The double standard is that Sandusky is white and the golfer and football player are black.  Thousands showed up and still express hatred toward Michael Vick for crimes in which he paid for.  Hundreds still express their disdain at Woods for his indiscretions, which cost him his family, tarnished his name and cost him sponsors.   As of 2011, only one sponsor has withdrawn from ESPN that showed Penn State football games and that was only for two weeks last season. 

On Monday night, NCAA Mark Emmert was on the Tavis Smiley Show, I guess to give to give Smiley the state of Black Athletics and to explain, I dunno the graduation gap rate among black athletes and whites.  During the interview, Emmert was asked about the Penn State scandal and said the NCAA is going to look into the Freeh report and it was reported yesterday that the NCAA has requested more information from Penn State.  There are two debates in the sports-talk world, one, should Penn State remove the statue of the late Joe Paterno and two, should Penn State receive what’s called the death penalty for lack of institutional control, and based on the Freeh report, lack of institutional control is an understatement as to what didn’t happen for ten years on the Penn State University campus and Athletic Department from people who should have simply done something!!

My opinion is that removing a statue or as reported tearing out the showers is not going to change the stench that went on and not reported.  A monster for ten years raped little boys in his home and on campus.  So called grown men, leaders did absolutely nothing but deny this monster a title of “Head Coach.” Sandusky was to be the heir apparent to Paterno, we now know why that didn’t happen.   My next opinion in regard to sanctions to the school, I am in support of harsh sanctions up to and including the death penalty.  What the administration and Paterno didn’t do to protect the innocent and did do protect the monster is inexcusable!  

As for Paterno, the term ”leader of men” should not be equated to him anymore.  

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