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Monday, April 09, 2012

JC's O P - Oh The Humanity....

Quick draft before final, so lets hit it: New Orleans Saints: The NFL upheld its original decision slash punishment for Coach Sean Payton, Former Assistant (D-Coordinator) Greg Williams and the Saints GM for their role or non-role in the Saints bounty program. I agree. There’s no place in the league for that and the fact that these million dollar or darn near million dollar players need extra motivation in the form of cash to hurt another one of his brothers in pads is just plain wrong.

“But wait a minute JC, you said the first time around, that you saw nothing wrong with it”

Wrong, I said it’s a non-story and its football to try to knock out an opposing player, who is a threat, such as Tom Brady or Eli Manning. You know everyone is concentrating on the Saints v. 49ers game, but there was a game, played in San Francisco, heck two games, played in San Francisco, where the Niners caused one QB to injure his ribs (Romo) and another one played with a bad ankle (Roethlisberger).

You mean to tell me that the Defensive Coordinator on the Niner bench didn’t call a few more blitzes to get Romo out the game, you think the Defense of the Niners didn’t pin their ears back and went after Romo.

Yeah! They did!

I was at the Steeler/49er game and I know the Niner defense had Ben Roethlisberger’s ankle in their sight and they kept a good amount of pressure on him to get him run out the pocket and based on their team speed beat Ben up. So what was the pre-game meeting like for the Niners? I can tell you. It was like General George S. Patton’s speech, the famous one in the beginning of the movie “Patton.”

*Side Note – If you’re short on your history and Oscar Winning Movies, sorry. Feel free to look it up.

And ESPN, I’m tired of them too! to bad FOXSPORTS couldn’t give them much competition or any other network for that matter. They played a pre-game or team meeting tape, where Greg Williams is telling his defensive squad on where Frank Gore, should be running. He didn’t want [Gore] running north and south, but East/West, where he’s less effective. Next, everyone receives the injury report, it’s important, especially to us gamblers and fantasy league guys. So why would it not be important to opposing teams? If I know an opposing player is hurt, you doggon’ right! I’m going after him. But apparently ESPN seems to think they have the smoking gun, when they don’t.

So for clarity, paying to knock someone out the game is wrong. Knocking someone out the game within the rules of the game..good.

Dodgers: The Dodgers played the Padres at their weekend getaway stadium known as Petco and took the series. Barring injury and slumps, Kemp should rightfully get NL MVP that was taken from him last year. Dude is swinging with bad intentions. So if the Dodgers took their series the..

Angels: lost their season series opener against the Kansas. City. Royals. You know, usually, I’ll say, it’s only the beginning of the season, but I’m not on this one, both L.A. teams are good enough to win their divisions and let us dream of a freeway series. So losing to Royals is unacceptable.

Something To Watch For: Was it just my eyesight or did I recognize a few more black faces with American names starting in this week’s season opener across the league. Hmmmm.

Oh The Horror!: Lock your doors, batten down the hatches, Tiger Woods kicked his clubs! Oh the horror! The monster, he scared my kid...Tiger had no chance of winning The Masters, as a matter of fact, he lost as soon as his half brother told TMZ that his other half brother was suffering from MS, losing his house and by the way, Tiger hasn’t contacted them. Thanks Earl Woods, Jr., you took your half brother out, with one interview and made him show his competitive anger by taking it out on his clubs. Oh, CBS, thanks you too, because I’m sure they wanted Tiger in the final round with a lead or close by to win in dramatic fashion. Instead, he was done by the second round and some guy named Bubba won...

Will The Mature One Please Stand Up: Last week was not a good week for the NBA’s top two centers, Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum. Howard is apparently at odds with his coach Stan Van Gundy and Bynum is trying to show his coach, that he has rings and the coach doesn’t. Both players are displaying a level of immaturity that last seen, caused a team that had won three consecutive championships to send one player to Miami and another one to get his head bashed in for a season before the real reason why they had those rings came back. And speaking of the Lakers..

This goes to Laker fans as well, PHIL JACKSON AIN’T COMING BACK!! And you wanting Lamar Odom back, ain’t going to get you more rings! and since I mentioned Lamar..

Memo to Lamar: You punk a--! You should be black balled from the league! Your crybaby antics when you left L.A., and in Dallas is despicable! And folks wonder why players like Jeremy Lin captivate the fans! Because players like Lin and NY Knick rookie Shumbert are guys you wanna cheer for because they were told they couldn’t make it! And you have this punk a--! Crybaby! Who should be embarrassed!! But he’s not! This is same guy, who was on the Stephen A. Smith radio show, sounding like someone punched his momma in the face!

O woe is me, the Lakers were talking about trading me to New Orleans and I don’t know why, this is my home, I thought I was going to retire here...

Gawd his name sickens me!

I’m sorry, but I mentioned Lamar in this report and it made me lose my train of thought!

I’m out!!

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