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Thursday, October 27, 2011

RF23 - Dodger Sink To A New Low..

According to Fox Sports, The Dodgers and it's Owner, Frank McCourt is seeking to place blame on Dodger Stadium beating victim, Bryan Stow for being involved in an altercation, which almost killed Stow. Also, sharing the blame are obvious the animals that nearly killed Stow.

McCourt who is fighting to hold on to a team, that had a sub-par year, a drop of over 1 million fan attendance and disapproval rating slightly higher than barack obama's when it comes to Los Angeles area fans, is also stooping so low to blame the victim of his own beating and for what?

Wearing a Giants jersey?

Rooting for his hometown team?

Or he should have known what he was getting into before he entered Dodger Stadium? I mean hell, it's no secret that Dodger Stadium is/was dubbed "The Black Hole II" for a reason. Everyone has heard, seen fights, or witnessed over zealous fans talking smack, which leads to fighting in the stands or handling it after the game. But to place blame on Stow, who's only fault was that his kids had to witness the cruelty of what human beings do to each other and now they're going to witness their father's name and character brutalized some more!

and for what?

To hold on to a team, that over 1 million fans refused to see in person, and oh yeah! wants McCourt out as owner.

The Dodgers have sunk to a new low and it's sad, because this is one of the most storied franchises in baseball history. And now it's history and legacy has been robbed by an owner who only wanted to use them as an ATM machine. If the Dodgers want to place blame on Stow, then the fans ought to thank him for being the icing on McCourts dwindling cake.

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