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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

RF23-Lost Message

Apparently the last elections meant absolutely nothing to our elected officials on both sides of the aisle.  To the democrats it was supposed to mean that the people are sick and tired of being over taxed and regulated.  To the republicans it was supposed to mean that the people picked their side of evil to at least adhere to the voices that put them into office.  To the President, it was supposed to usher him to the center; be a wake up call that his chances of re-election is slim, but again, it seems that our politicians think they woke up and ended up in their positions and not voted in.  Which is so maddening because it's the people that placed them in office, we control, well we're supposed to, if and when we'll have elected congressman or senator fill in the blank back in office, but apparently that notion is spit on.

Last week was supposed to be the republicans stand to the president and show to the nation that they are serious about curbing gov't spending and looking to make necessary cuts to bring down our large deficit.   A gov't shut-down should have happened until the democrats either tapped out on what the republicans wanted cut and the nation see those cuts.  Instead, we got the usual doom and gloom from democrats about the cuts being a war on women, the elderly and whatever lame program.  And I think I'm being nice in my description, of doom and gloom.  What was missing from the democrats was the usual, a solution!  If group A wants to do this, group B should come up with something to either debate or counter with.  Both sides clearly see that gov't spending is out of control, it's the cutting part that one side can't seem to do. 

There's a lot of work that needs to be done from the TEA Party's stand point, one, we still have to rid ourselves of weak knee'd so called conservatives.  I get sick and tired of seeing so called conservatives melt down after a hint of racism or any other type of cism is lobbed at them.   They got to go, we need conservatives that know the CONSTITUTION! and by God means to defend it and apply it in our American lives.  Not apply the Government in our lives! but the Constitution!  We have so called republicans, who are conservative around election time, I imagine a good number of them will see the blinking conservative light and realize the conservative light does not blink! it's on all the time! and it's bright!   Those looking for the blinking light should be ushered out with liberal democrats.  And Democrats need an overhaul of their party as well, this ain't the party of Kennedy!  If John F. Kennedy were alive, he'll be considered a republican based on his stance of tax cuts! (I know liberals hate to see that)  Today's democrats are willing to be more intrusive into our lives and continue to spend and tax their way out of, well, nowhere.  It didn't work for Clinton nor did it work for Franklin Roosevelt. 

 Do I even have to bring up Jimmy Carter.

 In 2012, four things need to happen, one, oust Obama, two, oust weak so-called conservatives, three, continue ousting liberals and four, in effort to oust Obama, Conservatives need to find one or more true conservatives who can clearly articulate their ideas, their plans on the direction of our country and lastly be strong enough to not wither at the first protest sign.

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