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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

RF-23 The Double Standard

Somebody tell me what the hell Donald Sterling was thinking. How in the hell are you going to celebrate "Black" History Month in March, when it's been held in February for the last 30 odd years? And to make this matter worse, you call yourself giving out tickets to "disadvantage" or "poor" blacks!

Damn Donald!

What the hell is wrong with you? First, you are involved in a lawsuit, in which you are accused of housing discrimination and oh! by the way, you settle the suits for over $2 million dollars. Next, and this is kind of iffy, but hey! Donald, you lit the match and gave us smoke, you are accused of racial and elderly discrimination by Elgin Baylor. I know, I know it's kind of iffy, since Baylor stuck with you for over 20 seasons, but there's smoke. I won't even get into your unprofessional treatment of Baron Davis.

So where's the double standard?

According to USC professor, Todd Boyd, there's a perceived double standard, when it comes to how these type of stories are reported. This major error in judgment by the Clippers to celebrate "Black" history month in March is embarrassing and Sterlings' past indiscretions should be brought up and I agree with Boyd on this, but, to point out that the media would be all over this if this was an athlete, I dunno, and since the NBA is majority black, I guess in a round-about way, Boyd was trying to bring race into it.

Look, I'm the first to point out shoddy reporting on black athletes and the level vitriol placed towards them. But to wonder why Sterling's gaffe didn't make the news or ESPN is wrong nor is it a double standard, especially, If the media was all over Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, when he was recorded in a drunken stupor. I don't recall Boyd commenting on that.

Criticism of Sterling is correct. Media bombardment of this gaffe is kind of a reach.

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