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Thursday, October 21, 2010

RF23 – Hung Out To Dry

Bill Cosby, in a speech said that lower economic blacks aren't holding up their part of the deal in regard to Brown v. Board of Education and he was slammed. Cosby backed up his speech and wrote a book..Nothing.

Juan Williams in 2007 wrote a book titled "The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America--and What We Can Do About It." The book was lauded as powerful and insightful, although other Black Americans wrote similar books including the late great, Ralph Wiley and Talk-radio host, Larry Elder, a liberatarian-Republican, wrote not one book but two! books outlining the same issues as Williams.

So having said that, I like Juan Williams, because, unlike other democrat supporters or far left liberals, Juan allows for discussion, at times not overly emotional when he debates and lastly, at times, agrees with the other side of the aisle. And the last is what got him into NPR's bullseye and ultimately fired.

First, he agreed with Bill O'Reilly's amended statement, that "extreme" muslims were responsible for 9/11. As you know, O'Reilly was on The View, and without clarifying his statement, as if he needed to, said that muslims were responsible for 9/11, which caused Little Wayne aka Whoopi Goldberg and that dude Joy Behar to have a "wonder-twin power" moment and turn into a exit door and leave the set of The View.

And then Williams furthers his agreement by saying what everyone, who boards a plane has said or thinks. He gets nervous when muslims dressed in their garbs boards a plane and he's on. I! get nervous, when muslims get on the plane! I get nervous when I go to an ATM and there's a group of black thugs around and I laughed my butt off, when Rock made his contrast between black folk and [spit] ga's! Cause it's true!!

So why is Williams out of job? Because he's a longtime contributor on FOX News and according to NPR, his editorials don't match what NPR puts out.


Now we have Juan Williams, out of a radio gig, and no-one standing up for him, the naacp (at one time in history, that organization, deserved to have it letters capitalized, but since they are long gone from the establishment it used to be...I think that little of them and therefore the letters are what they are) is busy playing one-man race card against the TEA PARTY; I guess their War on the use of the word nigga or nigger is complete.

Well, Juan is not alone, a part of society stands behinds him all the way and that's folks who believe in the 1st Amendment; not afraid to voice their opinion and not give two pieces of Chinese money on who's feelings are hurt. And strangely, it ain't the folks on the left.
They handed NPR the rope, and hung him.

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