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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

RF23-Weekly Takes

I am a huge "Everybody Loves Raymond" fan, and still today, I watch re-run after re-run of the hit television show. For instance, the most showed episode is when older Brother Robert, finally marries Amy and during the ceremony, Marie, the mother, interrupts the ceremony leaving the nuptials in shock of the event. Little brother, Raymond, who was the best man, was to give a toast and wasn't prepared, until as he put it..

Material always shows up. And for my weekly essay, material did in fact in show up. Some material I was holding onto, because I couldn't formulate my thoughts to clearly express my opinion and as the week goes on, more material showed up and thus, my title.

What the world needs now....

Lets start....

World Cup: As most of you know, I am not a soccer fan, I couldn't care less about the world cup, who was in it or where it was being played, but again, material always shows up, in the form that our U.S. team was almost screwed in its opening game and screwed royally on its second. By virtue of the fact that before the games started, a South African official was reported to have said that he hopes the U.S. team doesn't make it out the preliminaries, kinda rose a red, white and blue flag for me and I started watching and rooting for our boys. I think I can handle soccer, I won't watch it fervously, but I'll have interest when the U.S. soccer team plays international games. So, if I got patriotic over our soccer team, what the hell was France's problem? And does anyone know, what the hell happened? All I know, is that one player got into an argument with the coach, the player is sent home and the team refused to practice. And oh by the way, they lost.

Stephen A. Smith: I love this brotha, I listen to his sports show on Foxsports Radio, I read his columns and I for one, get him. On Monday, Smith announced on his radio show, that Lebron James is going to sign with the Miami Heat. Smith said his source for almost 14 years, dropped this on him and according to Smith, this source is and always has been, a more than reliable source. So with that announcement, came either backlash or interviews for Smith to explain his source or his breaking story. One sports columnist, wrote a nasty piece on Smith's story, causing the radio host to respond and ask his fellow journalist to be civil. Again, like the Men's soccer team, I'm now in a pridicament in hoping and praying this brotha is right, so his haters would have to "shell up!"

Gen. McChrystal: Look, this guy was Obama's guy, this guy was supposed to find a way out, not win, but a humane exit for our troops out of afghanistan. He was picked by Obama, so why are we surprised to hear anyone, talk about this enept president. And now look, at what the president has to do, he had to go back and hire, President Bush's guy in Gen. Petreous to handle Afghanistan. Remember when Obama was questioning Petreous plan for a surge in Iraq. I wonder, if the first words uttered from Obama's mouth, was I'm sorry or you were right. I doubt it.

Racism in Sports Talk Radio: About two weeks ago, I was listening to a local sports station, when the topic of two San Diego Chargers refused to sign their $3.2 million tender. One of the host, Scott Kaplan was trying to make a point that one of the players, Vincent Jackson, a wide receiver, should sign the tender, because of his off the field problems. But this is not the issue, when Kaplan is talking about black players and gets into his sketches, his use of supposed to be black dialect is outright insulting. After this blog entry, I intend on lobbing a letter to the station and probably carbon copy the NAACP.

Robert Byrd: For some strange reason, I bet if he were a republican, the media would remind us to no end that Byrd was/is a KKK member. That's right, he was a domestic terrorist. I'm sorry, I don't mean to speak ill of the dead, but being part of a group that committed the waves of terror these cowards behinds masks did, is simply unforgivable.

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