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Thursday, June 24, 2010

RF23 - Who's Going To Kick Your "A"

Who’s Gonna Kick Your “A” Obama?

After being nudged to “go off” the president finally found some gumption and like a little kid, who’s being bullied, found a far corner and starting talking junk. “The reason, why I put these great minds together is that we find answers and that way, I’ll know whose “A” to kick..”


Mr. President, how was it?

Yours should have been the first to be kicked and one more thing, you’ve been in office for almost two years, when exactly are things your fault? I’ve heard you say, “The buck stops here,” which is a lie, because based on your spending the buck goes everywhere, but to places it’s needed. So when do you take responsibility that you totally ignored the American people by stuffing your healthcare bill down our throats, and before you were looking for some “A” to kick, you picked against the family, and showed the other side, what you’re thinking in regard to illegal aliens.

What’s wrong with you?

And you know, your “a” should get kicked when you got slobberin’ Chris Matthews and Keith “that dude that was on ESPN” Olberman talking about you like you were Santa Claus, and forgot to drop toys at their house.

Mr. President, there seems to be this attitude from you that exudes “entitlement.” Like you woke up one morning and found yourself president, without campaigning. And you’re not by yourself, a few left wing democrats and RINOs think that way, as well. And for that type of attitude, you know someone should beat the “sh” out of you.

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