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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Fanz23 - Have We Had Enough?

Last week we were alerted that yet another young girl was missing and now as of this writing, we now know she is dead. And here's the kicker, the suspect, now accused, is a registered sex offender, who spent 5 out of his 6 year sentence in prison. He did the right things by registering, but that's not the problem..The problem is that he should have spent another 24 years in prison. The problem is that politics and a crowded criminal justice system is just tired and letting cases like this go by with no fight. The problem is that we have people among us, who don't have their fellow man in their minds, when they chose to sue and challenge laws that would have kept this person out of areas, where children play, go to school and live.

City after city, town after town have tried to adopt laws that would prohibit persons convicted of violent sex crimes from living 2000 ft from schools and parks..Challenged and one news network had the nerve to put the molesters as victims, because they can't find places to live. Laws have been challenged to prohibit more than one molester from living in the same house..challenged!

Law after law have been challenged and the molesters have been made the victims, while like families and friends of a victim murdered, like this young lady, have been and will be made into the bad guys..We seen this time after time, I hate bringing up Tookie Williams, but the fan fare and crowd in support of a man, who murdered four people and I don't give a crap about his being one of the founders of the Crips. The bottom line is that he had an extensive criminal record and he killed four people and look at what we got here..A man with a record for assaulting and attempting to rape a 13 year old girl spends 5 years in prison, protected! by the way! gets out and maybe responsible for the disappearance of another 13 year old girl and now the rape and murder of another!

Have we had enough?!

I recently posted a question on my facebook page that asked guys would they be offended if the woman they were dating or seeing did a background check to see if they were on a sex offenders list or website..All of my friends answered no, but unfortunately, there are men among us, who would be pissed and would Don King talk the woman out of it..Before this young lady, we read and saw stories of a baby, sold by her mother to a man, who sexually abused and murdered the baby. And there are more disheartening stories out there.

Have we had enough?

So what do you wanna do? For over 15 years, Radio talk show host, Rick Roberts has been fighting for or fighting to keep stiff sexual offender laws on the boards. And expressed his anger of yet another upcoming law named after yet another sexually molested child. This law, will probably aim to keep sex offenders locked up for good. And like all other laws, will probably be fought against from our friends in the ACLU. The same ACLU, who has some of its former members making policy for terrorists, we catch on the battlefield in the war against terror. But that's another battle and debate. While driving, and the question was asked what to do. A lot of the callers kept bringing up the death penalty and keeping these monsters in jail. I laughed, because in California, the death penalty is a punch line. A damn joke! I mentioned Tookie Williams, but not for the movies, the nobel peace prize nomination and a few documentaries, Williams would have been just one more murderer getting his full due. And this is after getting a review of his crime some thirty years ago! Thirty years! In California, we have death row inmates, dying of natural causes, before the state gets to administer the justice, the family of the victim had been waiting for! Death penalty in California?

I have a different mindset, a different radical way to get the message across, that the ACLU, politicians and sexual molesters would get.

A modern day lynch mob, no! not like on Gunsmoke or Bonanza, but a huge gathering, for starters around the jail, where they are keeping this animal. Not only a few people, but larger than the amnesty protests a few years back. A message has got to be sent that no more! will we stand by and let politicians grandstand around election time and no good ACLU attorneys loop hole a way for creeps like these to walk among us.

Next, if you touch a child! your life will end in prison. So while we were celebrating living off the wall, lets not forget, he was accused of improperly touching a child and thus should have been living off the State of California's prison walls.

So have we had enough? Or do we wait until the next disappearance, registered sex molester in the area, body found, and another trial..Meanwhile, while that trial is going on...Another sex molester is quietly let loose in our neighborhoods.

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