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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fanz23 - If Not You, Who?

I remember when Bryant Gumbel made a remark about the paucity of blacks in whatever, I don't want to research the whole quote, but it ended with it resembled the republican party. On sports talk radio airwaves, across the country, the same comment can be said and is even talked about as a sports subject. The lack of blacks giving their hot sports opinion on big market radio stations is so lacking that it ain't funny.

When you're talking about football and basketball, the percentage of blacks in the league are over 70% and I'm not even going to talk about the lack of black coaches in NCAA Div 1 football! and a "Rooney Rule" in the NFL in which some teams have found a way to circumvent.

With all of the above I just wrote, there are some sports radio host who will agree that something is wrong and something needs to be done. But how?

Who will give up their job to a minority?

Well as of know, I know one who wouldn't and apparently found a sports magazine to agree with him.

Steve Czaban, a Washington DC based sport talk host was informed that his contract was not going to be renewed with Fox Sports Radio and oh guess what?! Philadelphia Inquirer Sports Writer and former ESPN personality, Stephen A. Smith was signed to be a Fox Sport Radio Host.

Was Czaban, congratulatory? Hell no, he, along with the sports magazine writer bemoaned the fact that Smith had gotten his own show and even insulted Smith's last stunt at ESPN Radio.

So, if you're a white sport talk host, and you've held subjects that included the lack of minorities in sports talk, sports writers/editors and coaches. Here's a question, are you willing to give up your job to even out those areas?

We got one "no". And to that one no, if not you, who?

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