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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Fanz23 - Quite Frankly, I'm Tired...

Extra! Extra! Golfer, Tiger Woods was involved in a one car accident that involved him knocking over a tree and fire hydrant. His wife, comes out with a nine iron golf club and breaks the rear window to his SUV. She pulls Tiger out, who was reportedly coming in and out of consciousness. Tiger is then picked up by paramedics and the hospital reports that Tiger has injuries compatible to someone being in an auto accident.

So is that good for the press and folks who want to a different side of the story?


Next, TMZ speculates that there may have been some domestic violence going on in the Woods household. They put out reports that the injuries Tiger had were not from an auto accident but from a beating from his wife Elin. Next, there were reports that the Florida Highway Patrol was going to serve a subpoena on the Woods household searching for evidence of domestic violence, when in reality, the only thing the FHP should have done was give Tiger a ticket, which they eventually did.

But was this enough for the sports media? or the media in a whole?


One network female host demanded that we know the personal business of Woods. One newspaper outlet outlined a reason why Tiger is fair game and his personal business should be known by all.


Because like every final round on Sundays, people tune in to see Tiger! And who doesn't want to know whether Tiger is Ward Cleaver or Roger Clemons, oh wait!! some sports media members are speculating that Woods has used or using steroids and therefore calling for the PGA to implement steroid testing. And who at the moment was/is in tip top shape, looking muscular? Tiger.

And now we have this, women are coming out of the woods for their 15 minutes of fame with their tales of "I effed Tiger" and here's proof. Never mind that they are just as wrong as Tiger for allowing him and them to be effed! The media claps and rejoices that Squeaky Clean Tiger has been tarnished and has spots, but the next day, they will be looking for that next sports hero..

I don't know about you all, but I'm tired of hearing and reading about the private lives of athletes, entertainers and so called reality stars. I don't care! nor do I care about what goes on when the camera lights are off, the scoreboard clock reaches zero and after the director yells cut. The only news, I should have heard or cared about is that Woods was in an accident, his status, what caused it and if anyone else was hurt. And like the end result, we received, the only thing we know and should know is that Woods was in an accident, he was slightly injured but okay, no one or nothing else was involved in the accident and he received a ticket for the damages he caused, which amounted to a hundred and something dollars.

That's it.

Time Out/Touch Down?!

Woods accident wasn't the only thing hitting the sports wave media..Saturday's game between cross town rivals USC and UCLA ended with depending on whose side you were on. USC was up 21-7 and had the ball, with a little time left on the game clock. UCLA had it's three timeouts and after USC downed the ball to start running out the clock, UCLA called timeout in probable hope that USC would continue downing the ball and eventually punt to give UCLA the ball back to amazingly score two or three touchdowns to win the game. USC seeing that, called a pass play and scored a touch down making the score 28-7. What happens next was reason to call the LAPD or Sheriff's department because UCLA players were pissed off by taunting USC players and coaches! and wanted to fight in the middle of the field. Which is strange, they showed no fight during the game, so therefore after being beaten and embarrassed, they found some pride and wanted to fight.

But Pete Carroll is the villain and Rick Neuheisal is the victim. Whatever! Neuheisal was correct in his post game press conference, they are responsible for coverage and they failed to do so. So based off that, Weis shouldn't been the only coach who was fired over the weekend.

So Long Roy: Boxer Roy Jones was TKO'd last Saturday in Australia, Roy, you were one of the greatest of all time and you are a Hall of Famer. Shut it down.

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