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Monday, November 16, 2009

Cotto Destroyed by Pacquiao

If you would have told me, that Manny Pacquiao would totally destroy Cotto for all but one one round, I would have told you, to go somewhere. But it happened and the fight was a re run, we've seen this kind of fight. We saw him walk down and destroy Oscar De La Hoya, we saw him destroy Rickey Hatton, who by the way has gotten fat and looked out of shape. But for him "to see," what Cotto's power was in the first round, shake it off and commence to beatin' the hell out of Cotto..Man! and but, and there's always a but.

He won't beat Floyd Mayweather.

He'll probably beat Shane Mosely.

But he won't beat Floyd Mayweather for one reason and one reason only. Although the media is clamoring for this fight. It makes for a boring one. You'll have Manny throwing punches at a well defensed and pinned Floyd Mayweather and by the way Manny taking jabs and pop shots by Mayweather and before we know it, twelve rounds would have passed and Floyd wins by decision and takes his money to the Vegas strip.

Step right up! Step right up for that pay per view....!

The Trojan Mystique....who we kiddin', they got beat down like Miquel Cotto did. 55! to 24! That beat down put USC in one of those bowl games, that will be played, while everyone is at work!

Stanford Beatdown...Raider let down: Should I even mention the Raiders. I had them beating, beating! Chiefs.

Celtics v. Lakers in the NBA Finals: Nope, the Lakers and Celtics both got beat down on Friday and the Lakers followed that beat down by Denver, by getting beat by Houston. The Celtics got run out of the gym on Friday by Atlanta and turned around and lost about Nuggets v. somebody in the East.

Fifty / Fifty?: What do San Diego and L.A. have in common? They have owners going through a divorce, but one owner, was probably smarter than the other. The Padres might have to sell it's team because of a divorce, while the Dodgers' Frank McCourt might hold on, the key word is might. According to reports, McCourt might have found a way to keep the alleged cheatin' wife from getting "Half!!" If this is true, Frank McCourt will go down as the man's man, the new New World Explorer! The man who beat his ex-wife from taking all his stuff, well at least half!.

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