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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fanz23 - What's The Damn Difference?!

This morning as a set out to get my fade hooked up, I stopped at a 7-11 to get a small cup of coffee, when bam! there it was, right above Tiger Woods' press conference. UCSD black students up in arms over a white fraternity's video prank depicting blacks in the usual stereotype.


So after meetings with so called black leaders and hearing input from black San Diego City Council members, what does the school do? it pulls the fraternity's charter and then comes the usual, we are going to give money to fill in the blank black program..

That's the cost of portraying blacks in their usual stereotype. So can anyone tell me the difference when I'm over a friends house and his brother has two installments of a video called "Ghetto Brawls I and II." The video shows a bunch of blacks through out the country in every urban neighborhood or projects, fightin'. girls fighting and pulling each other's hair and ripping each other's top off. One girl in the video was involved in a fight after saying she was pregnant and didn't want to fight and here's the topper! after saying she was pregnant and receiving two round house rights from her opponent. The girl again says she is pregnant AND she had been drinking! All of this with a huge crowd of black oooing and awwing to this.

Yet a group of white fraternity boys is dead ass wrong for portraying blacks in a so called stereotypical state.

What's the damn difference?! Except that it's okay for blacks to whisper to one another and shake their heads when we see 20,30 and even 40 year old men wearing their pants damn near their ankles and some unable to complete a damn sentence. And lets not talk about the junk thats on BET and other cable networks. Who pulls the licenses of these networks, when they continue to depict such images?

Apparently this is a war that Al Sharpton is apparently losing. Either that or the networks have paid him off.

Has anyone seen Al?


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