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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fanz23 - Kiss Where The Sun Don't Shine

My latest sports vent and it's aimed at once again at the sports media. As most of you know, Tiger Woods plans to sit down and have a press conference to do whatever, apologize, cry! I don't know! but I wish he would reconsider or say what is really on his damn mind! and..

That's none of ya'll business what I do on my personal time. It's none of your business what he does or do it too, it just ain't and the sports media and media in general ought let him have that. What Tiger did or admitted to doing is only for his wife and his family to hear and either accept or reject his apology.

Not the media! He cheated on his wife! not on the damn golf course! He's famous because he plays golf! not because he's Ward damn Cleaver or Mike Brady. He lures millions to watch him play on Saturday and even more on Sundays when he's about to notch another win. And that's what the so called media ought to be reporting on.

Somehow that's changed, the media today is competing with other venues that garbage reporting is the norm and we get a bunch of people with graveyards in their closets giving their opinions and forcing their so called moral values on it's readers or listeners. And by the way, Mike Greenburg is still pulling a check for his Martin Luther "Coon" mistake, Jim Lampley is still calling fights after his arrest and no contest plea for assaulting his ex-girlfriend, but yet he opined about Floyd Mayweather, Jr.'s tax problem. Meanwhile former Cowboys receiver and Hall of Famer Michael Irvin loses his job, after ESPN gleefully reported that a woman is suing him for alleged assault. Never mind prosecutors and police found no credence in this woman's claim, ESPN ran with it. I don't recall seeing Greenburg's mistake on the breaking news wire.

So if I'm Tiger, I'll skip the press conference, steal a page from Michael Jordan and have Ahmad Rashad pass on my thoughts and give him scoops..Ef! the rest. and in meantime, steal a page from Barry Bonds, and break all the damn records there is in golf, before he hits 40 and in a legend's fashion, when the record is out of reach and the media has got to say your name, on the 18th hole and all you need is a putt to win...In Jordan fashion, knock that thing down and when the crowd and media surrounds you...

Repeat Larry Holmes last words, when he was robbed by the judges in his second Michael Spinks fight..I'll gladly pass out chapstick.

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