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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

RF-23-Staying Put

Over the memorial day weekend, the wife and I were in Indio, CA., honoring an invite from my high school buddy, his wife and another couple. This wasn’t our first meet with this couple and they pretty much know, the nickname, my friend calls me and why. For the record, the name they call me is Ruckus, a character on “The Boondocks” the cartoon.

Anyway, while watching game 6 of the Lakers/Suns game, a commercial came on showing Arizona R(INO)epublican John McCain and I booed. They were surprised I did that, knowing that I voted for McCain over Barack in November, 2008. And so, ensued the conversation about politics, which I am willing to discuss, but when someone says, that the country is corrupt and has been since its inception, I take issue and I don’t want to talk to people like that, especially those, who insert that the early settlers to the New World, were a bunch of crooks. Although partially true, the early settlers also consisted of people persecuted for their religious beliefs.

Look, you have to be blind to realize that politics is game, and only the best with the gift of gab will make good politicians and those who are good at lying will definitely make good ones. But it’s our country! the only one we got and she’s not perfect, but I’ll be damn if I sit there and listen to a middle class family bitch about the economy, when it hasn’t affected trips to Jamaica, cruises to the Bahamas and so forth.

But somehow, if I were to mention, that damn, one day, I would like to go and feel that they should give up their trip, the one they obviously worked and saved for, to me. I’m sure, I’ll here their real remarks and it wouldn’t sound like, “I just wanna spread the wealth-even the playing field” spewed by the president.

However, through the shortened conversation, because I abruptly stopped the conversation by refusing to hear anything else, that equals, the country is corrupt and no good and until their savings are ripped from them, that poor people shouldn’t be poor people because the government should take care of its poor people general welfare. I just don’t want to hear any of that nonsense….I think I come to the conclusion, that I just write my thoughts and blog about them…because it’s obvious, I’m not trying to convert liberals and non-informed blacks, they’ll eventually get the picture, when it becomes clear. Hell, I still have a quote fresh in my head from my obama votin’ friend…”If Obama wants to create jobs, he needs to deport all these illegals in this mofo.”

Get the picture.

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