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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

RF23 - Aaron. Oh. Aaron.

For those of you, who are "Boondocks" fans and couldn't wait to see the season premiere after Obama was elected and inaugerated and just knew that either either Huey, Riley and even Grand pa straight act a fool with the history breaking event, probably within 10 minutes of the show, got their feeling hurt or well played into Aaron's hands that a few of us black folk are really ignorant.

The season premiere was one that made you think and if you didn't, Aaron punished his audience and especially black folk for not being informed and just getting caught up in the hoopla that a obama was running for president.

For instance, there was a British reporter doing an interview on the Huey, who obama had admonished and distanced himself from and also let Huey be labeled a "terrorist." When the reporter tried to ask the unusually stoic and deep in thought Huey questions, Huey remained quiet. He seemed like he was holding a lot in and I knew that in the end, he was going to straight go off and let those viewers who hadn't thought the show through, in on the joke, which was on them, and let them know that Aaron McGruder is still elusive. But he didn't.

Next, the interviewer asked Grandpa why he was voting for obama and when he said lower taxes, the interviewer notified Grandpa that since he was in a higher tax bracket, his taxes won't be lowered but increased. Then Grandpa said he's going to stop Iraq and Afghanistan and that was shot down. So after the exchange, Grandpa was left with, in my opinion a good majority of blacks, who are/were ill-informed, the one reason why they voted for obama..

He's black.

All through the show, you can see the points Aaron was trying to make and at the same time, I found myself worrying about his safety.

The season premiere of "Boondocks" was a season premiere and it shows that if you give McGruder that much time to formulate his thoughts..


Damn man!

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