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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

RF23-Same Tub

My ears could not believe, what they was hearing. It couldn’t’ be, naw!! Someone tell me it’s a sick joke and they was just playing. Come on man, stop playing, this is a good man. A man, I respect, although we don’t agree on politics and social issues. I like this guy, I think he’s fresh, I respect his points of view and his convictions. I respect his contributions in the black community in regard to awareness and providing avenues for discussion.


What my ears heard this morning, I can’t respect it, I can’t believe he said it and I was hoping that he was being taking out of context. But the following statement can’t be taken out of context:

“Christians commit terrorist acts everyday, when you look at the post office and what happened in Columbine, Christians commit more terrorists acts everyday! and I could talk on this all day.” Tavis Smiley

Damn, I still looking for a legitimate excuse to protect this guy…Maybe, he spent Memorial Day Weekend with Danny Glover. Hell, I can’t even blame Al “Big Perm” Sharpton, cause no matter how buffoonish, he is, Al will never say Christians are terrorists. And look at this, I’m giving Sharpton a compliment, damn Tavis!

I don’t know what happened to Tavis, maybe he was sleepy and his notes were jacked up, but deranged post office workers didn’t’ shoot up their place of work under the zeal of Christianity and last checked, the students at Columbine weren’t attacked because they were not Christians and the shooters wanted them to convert. Damn Tavis. Christians commit terrorist acts everyday?

What happened to you?

A few weeks ago, you were arguing with Al Sharpton over your claims that he and other so called black leaders said that Obama did not need a black agenda. Al called you a liar and you were waffling. Before that, you rightfully, chose to support Hillary Clinton as the democratic nominee and took a serious blacklash, that’s right I said it, blacklash, for your support.

And now, you’re attacking Christianity and placing them in the same bathtub as radical Islamic terrorists?

Come on, Tavis.

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