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Friday, June 11, 2010

RF23-Oops, They Got Nothin'

The appeals court, may have just pitched strike three to the federal government in its pursuit to prove that Barry Bonds perjured himself in his BALCO testimony, when the slugger admitted to using the cream and the clear. The appeals court denied the federal government of using urine samples, believed to be Barry Bonds..

Now what?

The case should go away and we're left with speculation on Bonds, and the outright truth on Alex Rodriguez, Roger Clemons, Andy Petitte and other protected ball players before either Jose Canseco and Victor Conte tore down. Mind you, Conte has repeatedly said that Bonds, did not inject steroids, nor did he witness it..furthermore, the same Conte provided names of athletes and baseball players who did use steroids or masking agents and it turned out true.


Who do we believe? the sports media that feels the need to report useless sports information in regard to athletes lives or the people who was in the steroid game. Canseco has written, what? two books and each time has shaken protected or media favorites from the media "don't report" tree.

I doubt this story gets two minutes on the four letter network, because we're all supposed to giddy about a bunch of one named guys running up and down a field and kicking a ball for ninety minutes to score at least two points to ensure a win or the ever so excited nil to nil tie game...


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