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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

RF23-Change of Direction

While heading home from work, I caught the last hour of the Mark Levin Show and of course the topic was Gloria Allred’s latest client, Nikki Diaz, an illegal alien, who worked in Gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman’s home for nine years. Just last week, Levin’s interview slash debate with Allred went viral on the internet and some news waves, as Levin asked Allred, how was she referred to Diaz and if the attorney put her client in harms way by exposing her as an illegal alien and perjurer.

It appears that Diaz, used a fake social security card and drivers license to gain employment with an agency, which subsequently placed her with The Whitmans.

So here is the question, is Allred, anti-immigrant? Did she not clearly think through this situation? or was she clouded and overly excited to get one over on Whitman and sway a few voters, who are not sure on this candidate, to Jerry Brown’s side.

I find it strange that the media hasn’t picked up on this and questioned Allred, with more vigor and maybe show a little disgust, because she did expose this illegal to further action by the federal government and if not that, should bring up questions as to how this individual had the gumption to admit she lied about her identity, forged government documents and oh yeah, she’s not supposed to be here and how come the CA. States Attorneys Office (Jerry Brown) hadn’t acted on this, out in the open crime and how come the Federal Government has not acted on the crimes committed by this illegal alien.

I’m not a Meg Whitman supporter, because of her waffling on the issues in regard to illegal immigration and her stance on some controversial propositions. But I’m sure after this political ordeal. She’s going to change her stance on illegal immigration.

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