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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

RF23 – A Little Confused Here

I supported the War Against Terrorism, which included going into Iraq and Afghanistan.  I supported the capture and eventual execution of Saddam Hussein.  I had no illusions or questions about why our troops were in Iraq and I didn't care if Hussein had WMD or not.  What I did care about is his refusal and pointing his  middle finger at a pissed off United States and not disclosing and if he had them disarming his country of WMD of any type.  For that, we needed to be knee deep in his you know what. 

And we were! Our young men and women of all military branches performed magnificently and with surgical precision.   They performed and continue to do so with al qaida insurgents from other countries getting involved and kicking them to the curb.

I supported that!  And although I was young and probably didn't understand why I was going to Saudi Arabia for a small country called Kuwait.   Once I was there, my mission was clear and I understood two things.   One, them before me and two, more of them, before me, meaning, I was going home, they were being picked up and placed in mass sand graves. 

I heard the blood for oil chats, I heard people like the late John Murtha accuse our men and women of war crimes, I saw groups like Operation Pink protest and call for the impeachment of Pres. George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.  I heard our now President non figure, say that the war was lost, an insurgence  won't work and oh by the way, didn't support Iraq, half way supported Afghanistan, want to close Guantanamo Bay and by the way is still open and processing more terrorist.

So excuse me, if I'm confused about why our young men and women are being asked to die in Libya.  I don't get it.  I can't claim it's for oil, since we get our oil from Canada and Mexico and even if oil flows our way, it's 2% of sweet crude.  We don't even use sweet crude! So blood for oil may be a legitimate debate, but it wouldn't be useful. 

I'm still confused.

Maybe the administration is telling the truth that it's for humanitarian reasons and the sight of planes cutting down people seeking freedom and a democratic government is little much.  I get that.  Who wouldn't?  

We wouldn't.

Planes, tanks and soldiers cut down the people of Iran, when they wanted  a democratic government and freedom. 

Planes, tanks and soldiers cut down and continue to do so to the people of China. 

Planes, tanks and soldiers cut down citizens of the former USSR

Planes, tanks and soldiers continue to rape, murder and pillage in Sudan

Before he was captured and executed, Saddam Hussein sent in troops to cut down his citizens and apparently, used the last of his WMD on them.

You all are missing my point.  If all of the above happened and is happening in parts of the world, where do we get off picking and choosing what countries to save or put our two cents into! (Wait a minute, we ain't got two cents!)  We have no business in Libya! We had no business getting involved in Egypt! but yet, here we are! we usher Egypt's long president out and we're looking to usher a man, who should have been killed over twenty years ago! out. 

Here's one more question..

Who is going to take leadership of these countries?   The Muslim Brotherhood, are known terrorist and extremist and reports last week from the State Department say that in the group of rebels in Libya, is al qaida!  Yes, the same al qaida, our troops put foot to backside in Iraq and doing it in Afghanistan, in spite of their weak commander in chief!  in Obama.  

I asked this question last week on Face Book...if the state department is reporting that al qaida is among the rebels...who are we providing air support to?  one answer I got, the dudes by the pipes. 

Great.  nice answer.  wrong answer,  but it's an answer. 

So after Libya, who's we tell China where it can put our debt and make us pay them back. But to cover that, we'll say we're fighting China because of the way it oppresses it's people. 

I like to tell China where it can put our debt. 

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