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Friday, April 08, 2011

RF23-Price for Common Decency, $100k

Did anyone catch the pose and smile event yesterday at Dodger Stadium?  L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa, L.A. Police Chief Charlie Beck, City Councilman Ed Reyes were giving weak stern warnings and admonitions to the two punks, that nearly beat to the death a SF Giant fan on the Dodgers opening night.  All they were missing was failed and so called republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to give his weak one liners from movies past and it would have been a good day.

Stephen A. Smith had it right when he hit the airwaves on 710 ESPN, with all those threats from so called elected leaders, who did they scare?  Not the punks that committed the crime.  Who did it inspire?  No-one!  The only inspiration is the now $100,000 reward for people who saw the incident to call in and give the police the information needed to catch the punks.   Smith also asked why the need to offer a reward, what happened to common decency and being outraged that a man went to Dodger Stadium, with a friend and his child and was nearly beaten to death..The people who witnessed the whole thing, needs $100,000 for common decency.   I have a scenario for those who were there and adopted "No Snitchin."

What if it was you?   a family member?  a friend?

Would you be glad to have a good Samaritan who gave the police all the information needed at the initial onset of the crime or be glad that someone saw the reward and all of sudden said, "Now I remember!"


J.C.  Lewis, Jr.

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