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Monday, October 17, 2011

RF23-Guys were Guys and Men were Men...

Hey, my name is JC and I'm from Long Beach, California..No, not born and raised, but from..In reality, I'm a US Navy brat that bounced around on the needs of the United States Navy. You see, my dad was in the Navy, where he served his country for 21 years and finally retiring as a Senior Chief Petty Officer. During his tenure, we lived in Navy housing including Long Beach Naval Housing on the Westside of Long Beach, where I went to the Naval Housing daycare and then to Webster Elementary School for Pre-school and Kindegarten. In Navy housing there were white and black kids we played with, but the majority of the housing area, were filled with white kids and then we moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in a neighborhood where it was majority white and there we stayed until 1978.

And then it happened.

Feeling his kids were too white and needing to be toughened up, my father moved us from the white neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin to the blackest of black neighborhood of Compton, California..and the funny thing is that he was stationed in San Diego, California aboard the USS Prarie (AD-15). And to make things worse, three of us had to be bussed to Mckinley Elementary School, where we were reading at a higher level, writing at a higher level and oh yeah...

Didn't say "ain't", "fissin' to" and what up blood? and then cuzz. Hell we didn't say "cut" we said "skip" when someone jumped the line, and usually when the person cut in line, it was right in front of us, when they did it, we usually heard, "shut up or I'll fuck you up, bitch" or suck my dick, punk!

We were bullied. Chastised for the way we talked and behaved. But you know what, we defended ourselves and the bullying stopped..

So excuse me if I don't get the drama of teen-agers or young kids commiting suicide because of

Bullying. We all were bullied, talked about for wearing "bubble gums" for tennis shoes, still wearing tough skins and God help you if were seen in Zody's

There used to be this reality show called, "HS Reunion" and always, always there was a guy or girl in the house still carrying a grudge toward a classmate because that classmate made their life hell in HS. I once commented that these people should have gotten over that and that the biggest scoreboard is how they're living their lives, but apparently not. But still today we got kids actually killing themselves because either one kid or a group of kids are talking about them..Whatever happened to sticks and stones? And whatever happened to defending yourself and the adage of "If you defend yourself, win or lose, the bullying will stop." That seems gone and now we see reports on CNN on how to stop bullying..I'm sorry that is as useful as the guy on the radio telling he has books to stop your unruly child. Both the bully and the unruly, misbehaving, tantrum throwing child both need they ass beat. We don't need to see other wimps, on television describing their pain of being bullied, when they should have been describing how they balled up their fist, and swung for the fences, kicked and bit as hard as he/she could. Instead, we get stories of young kids, commiting suicide because they're gay or perceived to be gay or girls commiting suicide, because of what someone said about them on the internet!

Is this what Gen. George S. Patton's America become? A bunch of lets talk about it and find out the reason why..

Are we French?

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