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Thursday, April 14, 2011

RF23 – Clear and Cream

Tomorrow Bob Costas is supposed to be on "The Dan Patrick" show to express his anger over the Barry Bonds matter.   I guess the rat on his head is gnawing at him and got his ladies undergarments in a bunch.   Apparently, the verdict pissed off our white brethren and some are close to comparing this to OJ Simpson.  

Did you read that?

OJ Simpson?!

OJ almost locked off two people's head in what was a gruesome scene, some years ago..Barry locked off Hank Aaron's record and made Babe Ruth, a household third place name.   The sports media has bigger issues within itself than express outrage over a game and records. It's already worse that Bonds is going to be denied entry into the Baseball Hall of Fame for doing something that was not prohibited in his sport! 

I don't want to rehash the whole ugly truth on how Major League Baseball was slower than a snail going uphill with a backpack, in regard to regulating it's drug program which includes steroids.   It enjoyed one steroid induced season that involved Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, after it canceled a season and world series.  So like the NCAA, baseball profited off these players to bring butts back into seats and when it was player's butts in the sling either from congress or the hypocritical media, MLB slid off like a frightened snake.

And now, Bob Costas is outraged that a jury could not come up with a verdict that said Barry Bonds, knowingly used steroids.  Instead, the jury said, Bonds obstructed justice in regard to BALCO and of course, this leaves Bonds

Clear and Cream.

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