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Thursday, October 20, 2011

RF23 - If It's So Bad

With the killing of ghaddifi today by what some are reporting by the French of all people or the rebels in which we supported in hopes to brighting up the future of all Libyans.

Or did it?

According to Aqeela Sherrills, a local Los Angeles community activist, on his facebook page he wrote the following:

" And apparently today, “they” have been successful in murdering Gadhafi… Lest we forget:Under the evil dictator Libya enjoyed the following:· Highest standard of Living in Africa· Homes are considered a human right"

Well ya'll know me, I have to come in and play a little with my brother in law and wrote:

"For some strange reason, i feel a little different about this killing, than I did for osama bin laden or saddam you have someone, who got that the US was pissed about 9/11, disclosed it's wmd's. I dunno, I guess it is way delayed justice for the Lockerbie terrorist attack..anyway, it's not apparently [ghaddafi killed] and who is "they"?"

I'm not going to add the other comments from others, because, well, never mind. Anyway, he responded, probably getting mad at me because, it seems that everytime he writes something on his page, here I come messing with him. Anyway, he responds:

"You know who "they" are...them that started the whole campaign. Guess???

Being obtuse to what or who he's talking about, I wrote:

"Islamic Brotherhood? no, they're in really who?"

And then he said exactly what I knew what he was going to say:

"The good old U.S of A and it's band of international crony's, you know us..." and he went further..

"Our foreign policy is fucked up! We keep trying to real it in however, we've discovered that WE don't actually control can't vote it away because if u go up against it, "they" will kill you, Like they killed MLK, Kennedy, Sadam, ghadafi and so many others"

Huh?! When did our foreign policy get Dr. King killed? I thought it was over 100 years of democratic backed racism and Jim Crow laws that got King assasinated. Last checked that was our policy..

You know in the past, I used to equate black folk who spew out liberal talking points as slaves and on plantations. Yeah, before Hillary Clinton equated a republican majority ruled houses, as plantations and Bryant Gumbel equated the Winter Olympics as a GOP convention and most recently calling NBA Commissioner David Stern as plantation overseer...I was going around calling black folk who refuse to use their own minds, decisions and individual rights to vote what was best for them, as slaves. At times, I think I ought to go back and restart it, because for some reason, there are some people in this country, who are American, can't stand our country. They can't.

We kill saddam....not happy

We kill osama...pissed off

and now, although we didn't do's our foreign policy thats fucked up.

Another thing, that we red, white and blue loving Americans like to say is, well, if it's so bad..get the fuck out, to people who all day and night bitch, moan and complain about what's wrong with our country and when asked what country is better..silence. Sometimes it gets so quiet that movie theaters ought to ask that question, right before the main attraction.

So again, if it's soooo bad in this country and you are enjoying the rights to move about the country and with a passport can visit other countries [not unless you owe child support]..then why aren't you practicing your individual right to move the hell on. And spare me, I'm American [now you're one of us] and I can say what I want. Yeah, it's true, you do have the right to say what you want, thanks to our fucked up foreign policy against the British and every enemy afterward, which includes the democrat led Southern forces sportin' the bars and stars whistlin' "dixie."

But then again, a good portion of black folk miss massa..

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