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Thursday, November 10, 2011

RF23 - The Big Pass

Okay, I've read the indictment and I'm straight sick from reading it. For almost 10 years, a monster was on the loose and more free than the animals at San Diego's Wild Animal Park. And no one did a damn thing..Lemme, lemme ask you all something, you're twenty-eight years of age, you hear what YOU recognize as rhythmatic slapping that coincides with sex. You, probably hoping that a player or one of the coaches is knocking the boots of some cheerleader or an of age student and you walk in to see a grown, spit! man! having anal sex with a 10-12 year old boy.
Remember, you're twenty-eight, not eighteen! you know damn well the difference between right and wrong and for damn sure know that you call the police! and not your damn daddy!


You're a janitor, that works for the school, you see a grown man giving a young child oral sex and you don't do a damn thing!


You're a coach of a proud Big 10 (12) Conference School and you hear rumors at first, off hand jokes and then finally told that an eyewitness saw one of your closest friends, longest tenured coaches sexually molesting a child and you pass the buck to your "superiors" and don't do a damn thing afterward. No follow up, no nothing.


You're an administrator at the university, you take the statement and interview the witness in regard to the alleged molestation and you do nothing.

Have you noticed I haven't even mentioned the sick monster that allegedly committed those crimes? Because, knowing how sick this bastard is! the individuals and parties that knew of this monster and did nothing is just as worse or even as worse as the bastard that did it!!

These were 10-12 year old boys, one boy was over 14, when a wrestling coach, thought of something foul when he walked in on the monster and minor in the weight room.


You're student body and long time fan of Penn State football. The coach as been there forever it seems and when the news and admittance that he did not do enough morally..You continue to support him and when the news that the school is firing the coach, who should have been gone 15-20 years ago!

You riot in support of the man, who clearly didn't do enough, who coached for a team that had in his ranks a child predator, who now has a receivers coach, who only told his dad, at a school who covered it up.

And the NCAA is worrying about tattoos, whose parents got paid and why they don't want a damn playoffs.

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