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Friday, October 28, 2011

RF23 - Because He's Black

RF23 - Because He's Black

I haven't heard the Tom Joyner Show in about some years and all about ceased going to his website, I guess because my kind wasn't welcomed on his site and Joyner and myself had an email volley on the subject of barack obama, where I scored a no love TKO! on the former commodores bandmember from Alabammy.

Not only has Joyner remained at the old "new low", but I think he succeeded by digging exactly one foot deep and two inches far left at the old "new low." By suggesting that his audience and black folk in general vote for obama, because he's black and the right thing to do is condescending and downright ignorant of Joyner to spew his racism over the airwaves.

But he's not the first to do so among black talkshow host or dj's. Recently, Steve Harvey likened Tavis Smiley and Prof. Cornel West as "Toms" because these two men had the nerve to criticize this president on their "Poverty Tour." Harvey said, "Tom is driving the bus." This is the same Tavis Smiley that received ridicule and was betrayed by Joyner when Smiley openly supported Hilary Clinton for President over obama. Heh, looking at hindsight it appears Smiley is probably right.

Smiley and West appeared on "The Larry Elder" Show a couple of weeks ago in what I called was a missed opportunity for two of the three men, I greatly admire was on the air and nothing was accomplished, except that one had to prove how conservative or liberatarian he was and the other proving how liberal he was. But Smiley made an interesting point, in which I disagreed, but to support his criticism of barack, was that this president squandered a great opportunity to make a change and he didn't. He also said that this president should have, with both houses in his back pocket or as barack said, driving the bus with the republicans in the backseat, should have passed a third, fourth TARP and given it to the cities and not the states.

I disagreed.

But back to Joyner. It's a shame that a good portion of black folk [not anyone in this group presently contributing] gave Joyner an amen, when he said it. I give Joyner a shaking my damn head. No need to seek his termination, because apparently if you are a white democrat or black, the media gives a pass to open racist remarks as their right to free speech, but let Limbaugh, Hannity or even Larry Elder say that..

Well you know...

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