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Thursday, January 26, 2012

RF23- A Legend and A Victim

A Legend and A Victim..

Today, family, friends and fans of Joe Paterno attended his
funeral to say good bye to a man, who was the identity of Penn State
University. A man, who spent his life building a program, and molding young men to make positive contributions to our society. Paterno died on Saturday, amidst controversy in regard to his actions or if you agree with others, inactions in regard to the Jerry Sadusky child molestation allegations.

When Paterno passed, ESPN and other sports stations rightfully distanced themselves from the ugly scandal and withheld judgment in regard to the actions of Paterno and played all day long, highlights of the man, who was Penn State.

I agree.

It wasn’t the time or place to discuss Sandusky and the ugly crimes, he is charged with doing. That wasn’t Penn State or did it define, who or what Paterno was. As early as last week, prior to his death, I was prepared to write a scathing opinion on Paterno. Like most sports fans, I saw the ESPN report of Paterno giving his last interview with the Washington Post, where he said, McQuerry mentioned the shower incident, but he could not understand, what was going on. He didn’t understand, man/boy sex or molestation and when I heard that, I was thinking, dang! Joe! Did you need McQuerry to draw a picture?! Are you trying to tell me, that you were so out of touch of the ugly crime of sexual assault on children?

I don’t think so.

I think Paterno was in touch of such crimes due to his faith in the catholic church, surely he heard of the national allegations of priests committing sexual acts on children, going back
years. I’m not saying Paterno, knew of the crimes, but he heard of the term, child molestation before. But in spite of all we’ve heard, Paterno was a victim. He did not deserve to go out in the fashion in which he did.

What Sadusky did was not Penn State and the fact that Paterno may have trusted his assistant coach by allowing him to show kids, who may or may not attend this school to be in the locker rooms as a tour or on the field of what have you. Sadusky’s crimes are his and not only did it ruin these kids lives, but he ruined a lot more other lives, starting with Paterno. He was the winniest coach of all time, passing another classy and legendary coach, the late great Eddie Robinson of
Grambling University. Robinson was allowed to retire and give the reigns to Doug Williams.

Paterno had that opportunity taken from him. But I guess in a way, Paterno was a hero for
the school, because by not retiring 10 years ago, Sadusky was denied the reigns and forced to retire.

Can you imagine, if Paterno had retired and given the reigns to Sadusky?

Yeah. You see it.

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