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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

RF23 - The Difference Is Leverage

Yesterday the NBA Players Association rejected and also intimated that they are going break up their union and sue the NBA for breaking Anti-Trust laws.


Based on what?
Is there something we don't know about in the public, that hasn't been said?

Throughout the whole lockout, all I heard over the radio airwaves from Stephen A. Smith is that the players don't have leverage. All of the cards are on the owners side and that the players didn't do their homework, until the last minute.

Also throughout the lockout, all we heard is that the players are not as strong or don't have a leg to stand on to justify keeping their current Collective Bargaining Agreement aka CBA, when the owners, opened up their books, not only to the players, but to forensic accountants to show that despite having a successful season in ratings, the owners in smaller markets lost money.

Further throughout this lockout, we've heard players say that it's about respect and anything less than 52% percent share is disrespectful. People like me, who is not privvy to the talks, way short of sources and inside men to feed me breaking news information only get what is reported and left to take a side.

It's Kobe v. Shaq; It's T.O., v. McNabb

It's black v white, and the latter is the one thing that some Black Joe Sports Fan is going to run with. It's an argument, that one who truly understands, has sources, an inside man and the facts will never win.

Because in the mind of Black Joe Sports Fan, it's a bunch of white owners taking advantage of the poor black ball player. And it doesn't help when you have Bryant Gumbel in opinion comparing the commissioner to a overseer and one of the NBA Players Association Attorney saying the league is like a plantation. No. other. facts. need. to. apply.

But its gotten worse, Foxsports columnist Jason Whitlock took lighter fluid and ignited another race grill by calling arguably the greatest ambassador and one of the reasons, why these poor black ball players picked up a basketball in the first place to earn the money they earn, Michael Jeffrey Jordan, a sell out.

That's right, apparently, Owner Michael Jordan, is supposed to be cool with the money he's losing with small market, Charlotte and be happy that the big market teams such as the Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers can continue to accumulate wealth just because of their markets alone. Jordan is supposed to be know what the players are talking about and side with them, since he was one of them. And since he's one of them, he's supposed to be cool with losing close to $100 million dollars. That's crazy and Whitlock is irresponsible for writing that, because of that irresponsibility, present and former basketball players like Stephon Marbury are repeating what Whitlock wrote.

I'm assuming that this is the leverage the Players have. Already, words like bully, intimidated are being used to describe the owners. I wonder what would happen if words like ignorant, uninformed and out of touch of what's going on in our national economy were placed on the players..

I know..

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