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Monday, June 11, 2012

RF23 - It's Coming..

This may be hitting your local news or newspaper...


Anywhere (USA)  Visitors were appalled and angered at the treatment of a man, who some recognized to be a prominent member of the community as he was turned away from a favorite local eatery.  BF Belly, was turned away by restaurant staff for being over-weight and not meeting a new ordinance passed by City Officials one year ago, which states that no restaurant or any establishment that serves food or drinks may not serve individuals or groups that are not within the weight guidelines.  The City passed the ordinance citing the high number of obese cases in the country and more specifically in the City.  The Ordinance also states that the employee or management of the restaurant can use the eye test and determine whether an individual  can be served in the establishment.   


As customers sat down for a meal and witnessed Mr. Belly come in, witnesses saw the exchange between the restaurant staff and Belly.  “It appeared, they were visibly shaken to have to turn BF away and folks in the restaurant shouted to let him in,” said Mary Saw, “it was just sad, because everyone knows BF, as a good member of our community.   The press was not able to contact Mr. Belly or the restaurant, but the restaurant issued this statement.  

“We at this local eatery are extremely sadden and upset over the incident involving the customer, In the past, we have enjoyed serving Mr. Belly, his friends and family over the years and our staff and officers are sadden to have to enforce this ordinance, however our hands are tied due to the new ordinance, which is tied to keeping our license to operate in the city.  We offer our apologizes to BF. 


Although Anywhere, USA was subtle, in Los Angeles, an overweight family of four were ushered to a new section of a local restaurant, that was called the “Non-Compliant Only” Section.  This section is separate from the compliant section of the restaurant, where customers meet the new federal guidelines under the 2011 Healthcare Reform Bill, signed by former President Obama.   The “Non Compliant” Section consists of more greens, less portioned meats and 8 ounces of water.  Folks ushered into those areas are given a healthy menu in comparison to the menu offered to “Compliant” guest.

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