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Monday, June 11, 2012

RF23 - Narrow Minded

Okay, I’ve had enough of sports talk radio hosts and for now, I’ve had my fill with one Roger Lodge, failed actor and host of reality TV porn show, “Blind Date.”   This morning Lodge berated the judges for their role for possibly giving a split decision to Timothy Bradley on Saturday night.  Two judges scored the fight 115-113 Bradley, giving the challenger Manny Pacquiao’s WBO welterweight title.    You know, I could take bad radio sports hosts, like Lodge and Petro Papadankas, but when it gets real bad, my patience is all but gone and with Lodge it’s gone.  He’s not original, and I bet a good majority of you wouldn’t know Lodge, but not for his reality TV Porn Show.  He copies off other national or regional sports talk show hosts and just because he can recall an athlete or a moment in sports history, does not make him the right guy to be sitting behind a microphone, spewing his idiotic opinions.   Besides that’s for me to do.  He’s not controversial, he’s not likeable and he’s not even up on all sports.  

Now one guy, who I expected a lot from, really let me down over the weekend.  If you follow sports talk radio over the years or hung out at Phil Trani’s in Long Beach, you would know Big Joe McDonnell.  You would know that Joe has been on every sports radio station over the years and in my estimation failed to keep himself on the radio, giving his sports opinion.  McDonnell is better than Lodge, I guess the insult is that Lodge is on the air and McDonnell is posting his show on the internet, using his bathroom as a sound set.   So what did McDonnell do to let me down?  He posted on his facebook page, a TMZ report that former slugger Vladimir Guerrero has multiple kids with multiple women.   Question, when is that sports news?  Where is the sports story in this?   What does this have to do with baseball, in which Guerrero played?  Nothing!  but yet, it made it to McDonnell’s facebook page.    What did I do?  I posted on his wall this:

*non sports story*

He replied, within minutes saying I didn’t have to read the article, which he’s right, I can use my individual right and individual choice to not the read the article, which I replied, I didn’t read the article and thought a sports guy who reports on sports and or gives opinion about sports should not putting this junk on his facebook page or be a subject on his show.  McDonnell thought differently, as a  matter of fact, he tried to sell me that he’s more than a sports talk guy.  He said that he does entertainment and news.   Really Joe?  You wanna go that route?  I replied:

*And your claim to fame is....?*

His reply was that I was narrow minded and to have a nice day.   Let me help those of you who don’t know what McDonnell’s claim to fame is.  When Magic Johnson announced that he had the AIDs Virus, it was McDonnell who broke the story and it’s his proudest moment! He’s so proud to be one of the go to guys in the sports world, that he had the Johnson and other stories as his background on his webpage!  Not Joe McDonnell, the political, entertainment, sports host guy!  The day, any of Joe’s fan wants to hear his political views will be the first and the same goes for his entertainment views.  Hell Joe McDonnell ain’t interested in his political views!

I maybe a lot of things, but narrow minded ain’t one of them. 

For instance, I’m not so narrow minded to keep berating the fact that sports radio is lagging!! on the lack of minorities hosting their own shows.  Sports radio is so dominated by whites, that it looks like Obama’s campaign headquarters.  Oh, there are a couple of minorities sprinkled in there, but ain’t enough. 

Narrow minded? 

I’m not so narrow minded to see discrimination in sports reporting.  Joe?  you posted about Guerrero’s kids.  Guerrerro is african-hispanic.  I wonder if the same story would be there if the player was fill in the blank, white player.  Need more?  How many ESPN or other reports did we see about Barry Bond’s trial?   Now how many of Roger Clemons? 

Narrow minded?

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